post you BB practice test scores here!

<p>yeah, i just average the two.</p>

<p>K, thanks. Then, so far, I have a:
**Test 8: **
CR: 740
Math: 730
Writing: 700 (essay 5/6)
Overall: 2170</p>

<p>Test 10
CR: 690
Math: 740
Writing: 745
Overall: 2175</p>

<p>Yay 5 point difference…Don’t know why I keep on failing math on the blue book tests :(</p>

<p>@neutrinogun I don’t know how you got a 5, cause its impossible, it has to be multiples of 10.
My BB scores

<p>is it realistic to do the test in parts but still under time conditions… school started for me and i am short on time, so i cant afford to take the full sat in one stretch, but i do take one or two sections a day under the time limit. would this project my real score?</p>

<p>it definitely wont have the exact same effect as doing it in one shot but if itsw all you have time to do, or one section needs work more than the others, it’s still worthwhile and makes for good practice imo</p>

<p>@Dream4Life that’s what I am doing too. However, I am using the released online practice exams from CB and saving the blue book practice tests for when I do full, timed tests on weekends.</p>

<p>@DreamforLife I know right! And I’m doing one of the toughest courses ever! but @Zeesus I don’t think they are quite disparate well except for the CR of course which requires full concentration.</p>