Pre-Med at Oxford College vs Emory College?

<p>I'm looking at Oxford College as one of my possible choices since I love both the LAC atmosphere and the opportunity to move on to a bigger university after two years. However, I have no clue at all about the pre-med program at Oxford, or is it pretty much the same as Emory? Also, are the academics as rigorous as Emory College?</p>

<p>I have a 4.5 W GPA (I hope I can raise this to a 4.8 after the 1st quarter), 2150/1400 SAT, 12 APs, a bunch of ECs, etc. I'm an Asian male living in NC.</p>

<p>I'm looking at UNC, Wash@Stl, Davidson, Emory, and a safety at the moment.</p>


<p>Hey, I think pre-med program at Emory is better than at Oxford College. Actually "Pre-Med" program gives you just guidances getting into Medical school: what courses you need to take during First Year, what kinds of internship may be good for Medical school, etc. </p>

<p>Formally Emory college has Pre-Med program, but I don't know Oxford college has it. Even though Oxford college doesn't have Pre-med program, you don't need to be worried, because you can just take any courses that are requirement for going M school.</p>

<p>Your academic stat. is really good- APPLY EMORY FOR EARLY DECISION! Emory is good school :) for pre-med/pre-den/pre-business ,etc. and ranked 17th in the nation. Emory will be gradually improved -</p>

<p>I hope it is helpful.</p>

<p>You should have all the resources available to you at Oxford that you would have at Emory - this may mean that sometimes you have to take the shuttle over to Emory's campus for advisement, or a special class, or a club, or research opportunity, or volunteering at a hospital, etc... but the opportunities would still be there for you (I would imagine). One thing Emory likes is when students show interest in their programs and schools - call and ask them this specific question for a better answer and also to show demonstrated interest.</p>

<p>My son is a premed who went to Oxford College. One major advantage is that there are smaller classes and very close teacher/student interactions. I think the difficulty of the courses are similar-same curriculum. Although, the stats of students at Oxford are lower than at Emory, the expectations for students and the course curriculums are the same. His science grades actually improved when he went to Emory. He did not notice any difference in the difficulty of the courses or the lecture quality. The major difference would be class size and access to profs for questions. Also, attending Oxford will allow you to know you profs better and may be helpful when you seek letters of recommendation.</p>

<p>I am a student at Oxford, and I was originally doing pre-med. The classes are hard, and that academic rigor is equal in regards to Emory. Apply to both, and see who gives a better financial package... good luck</p>

<p>Sorry to bring this thread back up.. but I'd like to say thanks to everyone!</p>

<p>I've decided to apply to Emory/Oxford as regular decision because I don't like the binding policies (I didn't apply to any school under early decision, only early notification/action). I hope this doesn't hurt my chances, but I've visited a long time ago (when I was still living in GA when I was around 12) and have ordered the DVD.</p>

<p>:) Best of luck to anyone else applying to Emory.</p>