Pre-med offers ( please help me choose the best offer for the best undergrad program)

waaw UCSF is very prestigious. it’s a dream school for me.
it was hard to be accepted? how did she does ? she was an excellent student

I think people are trying to tell you that med school is really difficult to get into.

Our daughter graduated with her Bachelor’s degree with 1000 others, from her UC, who majored in the “human” sciences-biology, neuroscience, etc.

Additionally, most of those students were trying to get into med schools, dental schools and schools of pharmacy. That was at one undergrad school. The graduations are conducted twice a year- That is 2000 students, at one UC school.

There are 9 UCs in California. If you generalize, you can assume similar numbers across the UCs to equal ~18k students trying to get into a med school.

I’m generalizing because I’m not including the 23 California State university system students whose graduates apply to med schools.

I didn’t include the private universities, in California, with their students who have students applying to med schools. This happens all throughout the United States and there just aren’t enough spots for the thousands of students who want entry into a US medical school.

It’s not simple. It’s not guaranteed. It’s expensive. Her UCSF roommates had $300,000 in loans. Its lengthy. It’s very tiring. Lacking sleep and rest. It’s time consuming. It won’t make money for you immediately; you need to wait about 10 years after residency to have a viable source of income.
You need high MCAT scores, perfect GPAs, and strong clinical experiences. Even with all of these things there is no guarantee that you will get a spot. There just isn’t enough room.

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i understand what you mean !
what is the acceptance rate for med school ?

what is the acceptance rate for med school ?

All US medical schools are difficult to get accepted into. Individual medical schools have acceptance rates in 2-10% range.

For those who have persisted all the way through undergrad, who have developed the necessary relationships with their professors to get excellent LORs, who have completed the extracurricular activities expected of all pre-meds (see below), who have a high GPA (mean GPA for accepted students is 3.75 in 2020), who have scored above the 80th percentile on the MCAT and who apply broadly (16-25 schools is typical) –those students have about a 40% chance of gaining an acceptance. Though with a 17% increase in applications this cycle, it’s likely going to closer to a 35% overall acceptance rate this year.

Expected ECs for pre-med:
–community service with disadvantaged populations
–physician shadowing
–clinical volunteering
–demonstrated leadership ability
–lab bench research experience

Additionally some schools value foreign language skills (particularly Spanish) and teaching/tutoring/coaching experience.

(for each of these activities–with the exception of shadowing-- med schools applicants to have expect hundreds of volunteer hours typically spread out over 2-5 years.

If they just take general credits, it cuts down on your number of electives and possible advanced classes. You will need specific, course by course evaluations in order to get credit for specific classes.
All degrees include about 45 credits for your major,45 credits in general education, and about 30 credits you can use for anything. Have you looked at degree structures (it’s not obvious from abroad, unless you’ve checked it out).

Can you drive to any university from your uncle’s house, if he were to accept your living there?