Private Schools in California that has a nursing major

I really want to be a nurse practitioner when I grow up. I know that I won’t be able to get into any uc/cal state. Does anyone know a private university with a nursing major?

Direct Admit Nursing programs: Private schools in California:

University of San Francisco
Azusa Pacific University
Dominican University

2+2 Nursing programs:

St Mary’s
Loma Linda
Cal Baptist
Point Loma

Respectfully, I’m not sure admission to the privates will be any easier than a Cal State.

Agree with @arc918: All Nursing programs in California are very competitive. If you do not have the stats to get into a Cal state 2+2 program (which are the easier admits), you probably do not have the stats to get into any of the private nursing programs either.

University of Portland (not CA obviously) is known for nursing and gives good merit money. You mean you can’t get in because of grades? As other posters said, that will be a problem in any school, nursing is competitive.

I’m not an expert in nursing programs, but can’t you start out in a nursing program at a California community college?

Community college is an option where you take your pre-req’s and then transfer. Issues with CC’s is trying to get the classes needed in a timely manner. Targeting the non-impacted Cal States 2+2 programs are a better option and then applying to Nursing schoil end of Sophomore year.

The community colleges in my area partner up with the local cal state university. The only thing problem I have is whether or not going to a cc. I really want to go to 4 year university instead, but I don’t have a high enough SAT score.

So what is your SAT? Some of the non-impacted Cal State campuses might be an easier admit: Channel Islands, Dominguez Hills, Bakersfield to name a few although Nursing is impacted at all the Cal States. If you are not a Senior, you have time to work on test prep. Try the ACT.

My SAT was a 990. If I were to combine my best math and reading score it would be 1030.

Have you tried the ACT?

What is your UW GPA and CSU GPA?

Keep in mind that direct admit nursing programs usually look for SAT scores around 1200+, ACT scores of 25+. Many will also require at least a grade of B in bio and chem, want 4 years of rigorous science and math courses.

I’ve done 4 years of science/math and earned an A. My GPA isn’t high since i didn’t focus so much on my other subjects. UW GPA 3.6 and CSU GPA 3.56