Problems with CB site not progressing to registration

My dd is trying to register for the SAT but every time she clicks on the register link it does nothing at all. She can get all of the other links to work, just not that one. Anyone else having issues?

Probably because a lot of high school students are seeing their AP scores. Wait a bit later then try again

I was able to get to the start of the registration process for the August exam and through the first couple of Personal Info screens before quitting.

If there’s still a problem, maybe try another browser/computer/network, clear your cache/cookies/etc - normal computer troubleshooting stuff.

AP scores were made available today. Could be an issue, though I would have thought it would have died down by the evening.

@RichInPitt Thanks for the different browser suggestion. Chrome would never progress past the one page. She changed to a different browser and is now registered.

I wasn’t able to private message you, but I wondered if you have any advice for Top Scholars weekend? My daughter and I are head there on Saturday. (In state students) She’s a bit nervous about the interview, of course. Anything I should know that I don’t? Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: