Promys 2021

I would say it would not hurt your chances. Math competitions are research are two different types of math work. It is not uncommon that some people prefer research to competitions. Event MIT Primes states this opinion. As long as you demonstrate your interest in math, plus other good stuff, I think you should be good.

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Yep, it’s such a different thing and not necessary - it’s just hard to feel like I don’t have to when so many people have those competition credentials.

Hey! Does anyone know if submitting applications a little later (not past deadline later, but like a day before deadline) will affect the chances of getting in? It’s already pretty late tbh since I started applications 2 weeks ago, but I’m just wondering. Thanks, and good luck to everyone applying!

It’s totally fine! I’m submitting today because I take forever on stuff. I actually emailed someone there about this because I had read someone talking about how they really considered when you turned it in, but the lady said as long as you turn it in before the due date you’re considered equally. Good luck with your application!

Thanks so much! :))

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Hello, I just completed solving all the problems from the problem set and have rigorous proof for it. I’ll submit the application tomorrow now!

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Cool! Me too!

Also, I’ve got a 35 page PDF. Anyone know how many the 10 mb limit can hold?

My pdf if 15 pages only however I have proven most problem in maximal generality

It was mostly me writing big enough that it could be easily read, and I had to use a PDF compressor to get it to fit. I guess we’ll see what happens in the first week of May!

I started participating in a math circle after I submitted my application. I didn’t have much in terms of math ECs for high school since I barely had any time before everything was canceled due to COVID. Should I send an email update about the math circle? I know it won’t change anything in itself, but at least it might show that I am trying my best to get math enrichment right now. Anyone have an opinion?

I don’t see the harm in doing so. It can also further demonstrate your interest in PROMYS (since you’re updating them), so I’d say go for it!

I’m not a pro at this admission stuff so take whatever I say with a grain of salt

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Thanks for the reply! I think I will do it, even though it’s such a small update.

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Since it’s so hard waiting, I’m curious - how much generalization did everyone do of the problems (as in how many did you generalize and to what extent)?

I generalized 9 out of 10. All were in maximal generality.

Cool. I did as many as I could, but sadly didn’t have time to explore the Wythoff’s game one in higher dimensions. I might do that for fun later.

which part of India are you from?

Why did you cheat on the problem set?

What? I didn’t cheat at all

If you’re referring to problem 10, Wythoff’s game, it’s a famous game so a lot of people know it already and I bet they expected that. They also encourage research to help with answering problems, so some people probably found out what it was through that. The only way to cheat on a PROMYS problem set is to collaborate with others or take someone else’s work.

As for me, though, I stuck to my own work only on that problem. No outside sources even though I could have and that wouldn’t have been cheating. I later found out more about Wythoff’s game when my math circle explored it. This was long after the due date, so there was no overlap. What could make you think this is cheating? Sorry, I’m just a little confused as to how you got there.