Promys 2021

Did you get in?

Did you get in as well?

I know you did not ask me but as (maybe) a datapoint I was waitlisted that year and ultimately accepted off the waitlist; I know a few other people who did the same. I did not end up going though

Did you write them a letter of continued interest or anything else?

Nope, didn’t do anything for waitlist; just waited and got email a few weeks later

And do you know if it’s based on merit? I’m sorry for asking so many questions lol It’s just my first time applying to a summer program!

Unfortunately I am unsure, but if I had to guess they probably have waitlists ranked (so based on merit)

omg i got rejected, and then cried for hours like okay i love maths, who else is there

Hello, sir. Did you get waitlisted? Did they reply? I got waitlisted too and was wondering if I missed the email.

They didnt reply to me