Purdue Class of 2027 Official Thread

Son accepted CS today after being deferred in EA

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The whole college admission process is draining. It’s been going on for months at this point. I just want it to be over.



Accepted to CIT, not CS. Is it hard to transfer?

Yes it is very difficult to transfer into CS.

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The accepted student days are all full. We haven’t visited but my son is excited for Purdue. Any recommendations for a visit? Can we just visit any day?

Purdue tends to add Accepted Student Days if they are all full so keep an eye out. You could reach out to admissions and ask if there is a waiting list too. I also think a general tour is better than not going at all if you can get into one of those!


I was thinking the same. Will call up admissions on Monday. From your username looks like you have kid(s) at Purdue. How do you like it? Which major(s)?

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I have a senior graduating in May with a degree in chemical engineering. Purdue has far and away exceeded all our expectations! (I also replied to your questions on your other thread :)).

Boiler up!


Thank you :blush:

Are the acceptance notifications rolling, or were they all notified yesterday evening? Also, did the students get an email or just check portal? TIA

My son checked the portal and then later he got an e-mail and so did I. Not sure about rolling or not acceptances.

Thank you.

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Congratulations! Glad it worked out.

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Thank you so much for the information. Is CIT( computer and information technology) not very well recognized compared to CS at Purdue? OOS applicant. Daughter was accepted to in state CS major( UT Dallas and Texas A&M). It could be an easier choice if it is CS major at Purdue.

A few follow-ups:

Based on history, decisions will come out on Fridays until the last Friday of the month. In the past, early releases have been admits. The last days has been both admits and declines. One difference this year was some declines two weeks ago, but these appear to be all International applicants.

Yes, CS is a very difficult transfer. From the school paper in 2019, article titled “CS hopefuls struggle to enter program” (and I’m confident it hasn’t become easier)

We are actually very very clear, though, in the admissions process to students that ‘please do not come to Purdue if you think you’re going to go into CS unless you are directly admitted’ because there absolutely is no guarantee,”


I would suggest looking at the 4 year plan of study for each major and comparing. You can also ask the department about career outcomes. Purdue has a good first destination survey data for each major.

I dint get a decision yet… I’m hoping something turns up by this Friday. Aero RD Intl


DS just admitted to major AI (college of science). Do you think this is also true for transfers AI to CS? Both in Dept of CS so would this be a different type of transfer? The majors are very similar.

He is pretty happy with AI but there are a few classes in the CS curriculum that are not in the AI curriculum that he would maybe want to take. Probably moot in the long run but just thought I’d ask and see if any info here.

We did not get any email. Just checked portal and DS got in to Purdue Engineering and also Honors college. Can anyone provide feedback on Honors college