Purdue Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

Last year my daughter self-reported and then Purdue asked for them after acceptance. She sent official score reports at that time.


My Common app asks for Highest score and date for all four subsections. Highest score requires a 0-36 score entry. What do you mean by “not score”?

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Thank you for all the replies, I don’t think I was clear in my post. It’s in the Purdue portal that only shows test name, date taken and date received. Shows same for AP exams. It was imported from common app where the scores were entered, just odd it doesn’t show scores. It’s under “testing” on Purdue portal. Common app also asked if scores would be sent by 11/1 deadline, which was below where they asked if we were self reporting or sending them. Which we entered “yes”. Just wondering if anyone else has the same thing under scores. This is the first self report school so far, rest needed official scores.

If you mean you submitted all of the scores from the Common App and the portal show the date they were received, with the correct dates for Composite and each section, but doesn’t show the specific scores, I’d say it’s safe to assume they have the scores.

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Thank you! That’s exactly what I’m saying. Just seemed odd they didn’t have the score, since every other school shows the score. Figured I see if others had the same.

Anybody knows the average TOEFL scores of admitted international First-year student?

I’ve not seen that information released but being that there is a strong emphasis on collaborative group work, and all classes are taught in English, having strong English communication skills is essential.

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Got it. Thanks!

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I have not seen anything related to average scores, but most schools treat English proficiency as a pass/fail criteria. You need to demonstrate sufficient fluency for the school to beleive that you can succeed. Higher than that is rarely meaningful.

Presumably, you are aware of the expectations, but they are found at: English Proficiency - Undergraduate Admissions - Purdue University

thanks a lot

Past two years EA admissions released on 1/15 (a Friday ). Do we anticipate 1/13/23 after 4pm?


Hope so

anyone knows how many freshmen Purdue will admit each year for professional flight program?

Purdue has a great interactive data digest but the information you are asking requires a log in. You could certainly reach out to the admissions folks and ask. My understanding is that the major is growing.

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I heard 10% acceptance rate, but that was from a mom of a student in the program. You might want to verify that with admissions.

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As noted, Data Digest only has data at the school level to the public.

But the published placement data appears to say it’s from 47 students, representing 76.6% of graduates. Using the school-wide retention rate, that indicates a starting class of about 80

EDIT: Found enrollment/graduate data and this appears to be about right. Maybe increasing recently to ~90.

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I called Purdue admission and got transferred to their aviation department under Polytech college. Last year over 1400 applied for professional flight and 100 lucky kids got in. They only offer early admission, since the spots fill up so quickly, they close the admission for regular admission season.

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Thank you! The data looks about right.

Does anyone have a view on the new Artificial Intelligence major? Is it as competitive as CS? Thanks.

No inside information, but when my son looked at the AI major requirements, it was at least as much philosophy as it was CS. So I imagine it would be easier for Purdue to enlarge AI vs. CS, there not being as much of a shortage of philosophy professors as there is of CS professors.