Purdue vs SLO vs GA Tech vs CU Boulder vs U of Maryland vs UW for Aerospace Engineering

From College Navigator:

School % in-state % out-of-state % foreign residence
Purdue 50 38 10
CU Boulder 56 43 2
CPSLO 77 22 1

Yes, but what is the percentage for students whose first choice was aerospace engineering?

Purdue would help students understand the FYE T2M better if they published past GPA thresholds for each major.

This student could reach out to directly to the department and ask the question.


There isn’t a bad school on this list. In fact most engineering programs, even the unknown ones like Michigan Tech, Nevada Reno and Wyoming are good. Where they differ is at the margins. Our son chose Cal Poly, from out of state for Mechanical Engineering. I’ll send you a PM as to why, but there will be compelling arguments for all of them.


Cal Poly is all those things.

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My son just said to me that he’s unsure of Cal Poly. The campus doesn’t have the traditional college feel - it’s very modern with major roads intersecting it. He also thought the labs and facility were very limited, small, and dated (compared to CU, GT, Purdue etc). On our tour, we weren’t able to see many of the labs b/c they were being used by students.

Your thoughts? Is he right in his assessment?

I suppose it depends on what one would consider major, but IMO, no there are no major roads intersecting the campus. Unless you’re an Ag major, like my D21, then all your classes are in the middle or center of campus. And the interior roads aren’t major at all.

BTW, Cal Poly has one of the largest college campuses in CA.


I can’t speak to the building interiors or labs, but Cal Poly just opened this new building in the Winter or Spring quarter I believe.

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Well, I haven’t been to that many campuses, but I know two very well, Stanford, near where I live, and Michigan, where my D18 went. I think it has a traditional college feel, but it’s no Stanford or Ann Arbor. :grinning:

All are excellent choices, not a bad one in the bunch. Personally, I love CA living.

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That’s surprising. Maybe it’s because he didn’t get to see them. They have labs for classes that most other schools don’t, rotational dynamics and vibrations as examples in the ME department. There are multiple wind tunnels in both the ME and AE department. The CubeSat labs (yes there’s more than one) are very cool. There are interdisciplinary spaces too like Mustang 60 and Bonderson.

Sometimes the cool labs seen on tours are actually only for grad students. Not at Cal Poly.

All that said, there’s no wrong answer. The one that speaks to him is the right choice.


Data directly from Purdue, for the current (Fall 2022) class:

In-state: 47.3%
Out-of-State: 41.6%
International: 11.1%

College of Engineering:
In-state: 26.9%
Out-of-State: 58.9%
International: 14.2%

(NCES data is from 2020)

Just curious what your son’s final decision was and also what his stats were?

The OP hasn’t returned to CC.

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