Q&A about Choate!

<p>I just visited it on Thursday...do you feel it was difficult to get into? Thanks!!:)</p>

<p>Are there any cliques at Choate?</p>

<p>Choate isn't very cliquey. Of course there are the popular kids and some socially awkward people, but you find that in every high school, including every prep school. its something that can't be avoided.</p>

<p>I second the motion that Choate isn't very cliquey. However, I think I'll diverge paths of the motion of their being popular people. Yes, there are popular people at Choate. However, it's not like the conventional Mean Girls high-school-popular. I'd say that the sense of "popular" people are just those that are well known. And of course, there are some people that are socially awkward, but I'd say that there really aren't any bullies.</p>


<p>ask questions guys :D</p>

<p>How hard is it to get into choate ? like do they care more about your grades then your athletics</p>

<p>What sneakers or just shoes do boys wear in fall, winter, and spring at choate?</p>