Q's about Pace MT program!

<p>Okay, so I'm a bit confused about the music theory exam... you have to bring the sheet music for your audition pieces, basically? Or are they supposed to be different song selections?</p>

<p>We only need to sheet music OR a recorded accompaniment track and player, or do we need both?</p>

<p>Jenniferdances-If you are auditioning on campus and if things are as they were last year, you bring your sheet music in a binder as you will have a pianist. (Always bring your binder with sheet music. Don't leave home w/o it!)</p>

<p>The music theory PLACEMENT test was on paper and was pretty easy, I am told. There was no sight reading.</p>

<p>Things can change however. This year they seem to be putting people into different dance groups by experience. Last year my D who is a dancer had a blast in the dance audition. It was one of her favorites out of the audition season. It was one of the very few auditions where she got to tap in her tap shoes.</p>

<p>Theory Exam: Only written and ONLY for placement. They will only look at it once you are accepted to place you in the correct level of Music Theory.</p>

<p>Sheet music: There will be an accompanist, just bring your sheet music... no need for any kind of playback devices.</p>

<p>Dance audition: This year we began having two separate dance calls. One regular dance call and one advanced.</p>

<p>Thanks for all of your responses! This really helped me out. I think I read in this thread (or another one on the Pace Forum) that you should bring more than two choices of songs just in case... do you think four or five will be enough?</p>

<p>My D had her audition this past Sunday and she said it was her favorite, most fun, and easiest going audition she has had so far. All of the current students were super supportive, and she felt very, very comfortable. </p>

<p>She had a two and a half hour advanced dance call, then she sang both her songs in entirety; she did not have to do her prepared monologues; what we were told by many is if the student gets the song across as far as acting, they did not ask for the monologue. If you were specifically going for acting, you did have to do your monologue.</p>

<p>As far as the musical theory test, a lot of the kids asked their parents or used their phones and then the current students announced that this was going to be how they were placed in their theory classes if they were chosen,lol you saw a lot of kids trying to get their papers back. So do not worry about the theory test if you do not have a background in reading music or theory, etc. It does not count against you.</p>

<p>My D had four songs; two up tempo and two ballad, and they had her sing one of each in entirety. In my opinion it is better to be over prepared rather than under. Good luck to you!!</p>

<p>Wow, Lulusmom. That was one thorough audition!</p>

<p>I just re-read that and it sounds like she sang four songs; she sang two; her uptemp and ballad, for the 32 bars in entirety. Sorry if that was confusing. I was pretty amazed at how long the dance audition was but she had a blast, and they gave her plenty of time to change for the singing portion.</p>