Random Questions

re: Jimmy Fallon, a family member had something similar happen about 15 years ago. He still has use of his hand, in general, but those couple of fingers don’t do much besides gripping thing. Little fine motor control. Perhaps surgical options have improved, perhaps Fallon got the very best care and that will make the difference. Hand surgery is challenging from what I understand and didn’t he hurt both hands in separate incidents?

Wasn’t aware he hurt his other hand, @doschicos. He had a second procedure on is injured hand to unblock a nerve impingement, explained here https://cdanews.com/2015/12/jimmy-fallon-explains-newly-bandaged-wrist/

But watching is hand movements, he still seems to posture his hand with his pinky curled under and his injured/ring finger seems to have limited range of motion too. That is so sad. His musical imitations were fabulous.


@JustaMom5465 I was in the Cayman Islands just before Christmas. It was in the 80s, the palm trees were wrapped in lights, amd they played the usual English Christmas carols.

Re Fallon–not in answer to your question, exactly, but I know a woman that happened to who eventually had most of the finger amputated; just couldn’t heal it after that injury.

The random question I’ve occasionally wondered about - and I hope I don’t offend anyone - involves yarmulkes. Most Jewish men seem to use some type of Bobby pin to fasten the yarmulke to their heads. If a Jewish man is completely bald, how does he fasten it on?

Hayden – knit yarmulkes hold onto the scalp a little better. Using one that has a cotton lining rather than a satin or slippery lining fabric also works.

@jym626 From the article I saw Fallon thinks he will be able to play guitar again, but not the more complex chords. See article below.

Thanks, @happy1 Great news!!

CD- The leather kipas (yarmulkes) seems to slip off of hair, but do they possibly stay better on bald scalps?

Suede stays on pretty well.

DH also commented that the men who are “follicularly challenged” (aka bald) tend to wear the bigger kipas or skullcaps.

Another random question: Anyone watching the grammys? Who was the singer (he was a favorite of mine but I am having a serious senior moment and cant recall his name) "taking it easy " tribute to the late Glen Frey. Wait— memory flash-- it was Jackson Browne, yes??

^^ Yes, it was Jackson Browne

He looks the same! The name just went out of my aging brain.

Yeah, looks amazingly the same.
But bald guys don’t use sticky tape? Hollywood gals do, to hold those skimpy tops in place

Maybe they use sticky tape for hairpieces…

I’ve lived in Australia for five years and have never heard the songs listed in post #2 - with the exception of the first, and that was at a singalong at a meeting. And Rolf Harris has his own problems!

If you listened to the radio from 1 December through to Christmas, you’d hear the same Christmas songs you’d hear in the States, except fewer religious ones.

When we first moved here and were looking for Christmas decorations, I was amazed at how many Dickens-type fur collar things there were and how few Aussie ones. I did manage to find some Aussie animals with Santa hats for our tree (at the zoo!).

Most Aussie families spend Christmas Day at the beach with extended family (in fact, in Perth we see a lot of extended families together every weekend in the parks and beaches, which is nice and different from the U.S. as we are so scattered). . The long school holiday lasts from right before Christmas to the first week in February (their summer break). One of my Kiwi friends does “Christmas in July” so she can cook a roast and have Christmas pudding when it’s cooler.

Random question: Where do the bottoms of your shoes go when they wear off?

They meet their solemate