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My husband is on his second bag of Cara Cara’s from Costco (we have a Costco that just opened in our town about six weeks ago…). Yesterday my BIL sent us a box of oranges from Florida (including Honeybells!). They’re definitely all going into the fridge.



We got a new bedroom set from Costco a few months ago. We are finding it to be a huge dust magnet. If you run your fingers along the dresser, headboard or the nightstand, there’s an unbelievable amount of dust. And this is after I had just dusted a couple of days earlier.

Windows have been closed - so no idea where/how we are getting that much dust in. Is there anything we can do to prevent the dust from sticking to the furniture? I don’t remember this problem with the old set and we had that one for years!

I was getting a bit of dust in one of our rooms and cleaned the furnace vent out. It was filthy. Seems when other people in my household vacuum they don’t think about going behind the vent. There’s very little dust now. It may, or may not, be your situation, but I thought I’d toss it out there.


Do you mean the vents in the room? Or the vent/filter for the furnace itself? I definitely should check both.

For me it was the vent in the room. H cleans or replaces our furnace filter each year at the beginning of the season though, so I’d imagine that could produce dust too if he didn’t.

We change our HVAC filters every month and vacuum the returns when we do that. Our temp house doesn’t have a good 4" - 5" media filter system (such as AccuClean) so we run portable air purifiers in the bedrooms.

Aside from that, I noticed some bedroom furniture we had at our previous home tended to be dust magnets. The items were imports (not PRC) and I have no idea what sort of finish was used. I started using a citrus scent multi-surface spray by Pledge and it seemed to help a lot.

One more thought, if the problem began as soon as you bought this furniture then this may not apply, but I notice more dust in cold weather months when we switch from cotton percale sheets to cotton flannel sheets. We suddenly find dust bunnies breeding under our bed.

Haven’t switched sheets. I’ll clean out the vents and give that citrus multi surface spray a try. We did have a furniture guy over to fix some problems with the furniture - he said this was known to be a dust magnet. But he too was amazed at the amount of dust. We did have some remodeling work going on during the same time - so I am hoping that was the main reason. But now that the remodeling is done, I am still seeing quite a bit of the dust bunnies.

I put this in the cat thread, but perhaps there are dog owners who have also dealt with this kind of problem:

D2’s cat occasionally has pee accidents when she is severely stressed. D is buying a house soon and says she feels like her sofa has been ruined. She’s planning to buy a new one to go in the new house.

Have any of you had a pet problem like that, and do faux leather sofas hold up to that? She’s really upset about it. The vet prescribed a light sedative for the cat and it seems to work for the pee problem, but D says she hates the cat seeming lethargic and dull. But with an upcoming move, she’s anticipating more of this problem and who wants their primary piece of furniture to smell like cat pee?!?!?!?!

I feel so bad for both D and the cat. I don’t know what the exact source of her stress is, but it could be that D has returned to the office part time (was working remotely for most of the pandemic) and the fact that young stepson (almost 4) comes over every other weekend and disrupts the routine. I’m happy about her house purchase, but dreading the effects on this cat. Her other cat seems much more resilient.

In this house, animals that pee where they aren’t supposed to are converted to mittens and other fine wearables. :wink:

Can the cat be restricted to an easy to clean room and slowly move into the rest of the house as it settles in? Bathrooms or laundry rooms are some I know other people have chosen.

We don’t have a furniture problem with our cat. But, she peed when put in her carrier and when we vacuum near her. I realized the carrier had been used by my SIL’s cat for transport and that they had not gotten along.

I bought a new cat soft carrier and she loves it and open thinks it is her condo. When we vacuum I catch her in her condo (zip it) and move her to a room with the door shut.

Nature’s Miracle or Bac-Out, both enzyme cleaners, are great for animal pee and poop and vomit. I wouldn’t use anything else. It will de-stink anything and also helps to prevent an animal from marking their territory and then thinking that is the bathroom.


Nrdsb4 - our cat did that for a while (not from stress but - i think - from laziness). He’d periodically go under the guest room bed (yuck).

We tried so many things, but what finally solved it was I put multiple litterboxes throughout the house. He’s just one kitty, but we now have two large ones in the diningroom, a large one in upstairs hallway, and mini ones (about 12 x 10 inches) in the guest room and basement. I change the main litterboxes weekly (wash them out w/hose, etc.). He barely uses the others - but once in a while he does and that’s a problem averted.

We never had another ‘out of the box’ incident (fingers crossed).

I don’t think I will be getting another cat in the future, though. :laughing:

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That solution is entirely depressing. Multiple litter boxes all through the house?


I have had cats most of my life and I have never encountered this issue.

Nrdsb4 - well, the additional ones are kind of small so it doesn’t seem like “litterboxes everywhere!” And, to me it was far, far preferable to fighting after the fact w/Nature’s Miracle, rug washing machines, etc. (although Nature’s Miracle is great).

Maybe it could just be one extra litterbox near to where cat goes where it shouldn’t? That might solve it. I was extremel cautious and wanted to eliminate any possibility of future accidents. lol

I don’t mean to sound critical. That just makes me sad to think one would have to go to that extreme! I think I like the waterproof covering while gone from the house better, even though that’s not exactly ideal either.

I feel bad for both the cat and my D. Kitty must be so fragile emotionally to do that whenever she is upset.

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Nrdsb4 - it’s okay! Our house has a fair bit of room so the boxes don’t seem overwhelming (they are tucked into corners out of the way). That being said - I don’t want to do this type of thing forever and thus don’t plan on another kitty. :slight_smile: Good luck to your D & her little buddy!

DD had an issue with her roommate’s cat- it was choosing DD’s bed to pee on. She didn’t want to shut her own cat out of the room, so she was tarping the bed. It seems the cat didn’t like the current brand of litter- they switched and as long as it’s kept pretty clean the cat has behaved ever since. Probably pure luck that the next brand they tried was acceptable. They have two litter boxes for two cats.


How many litterboxes does your daughter have, @Nrdsb4 ? Apparently, one needs N+1 for N cats.

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