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Do not feel guilty at all. I’m sure they’d rather you mow your grass than let it become a jungle.

We have a similar problem with pool partiers, except they like to play loud music and scream and shout past midnight. With our old houses, it sounds like they are in our living room. I will say they’ve been better this year shutting it down by 10-11…


My house backs up to a park so I am in both your situation —hearing people have get togethers and play beach volleyball, and in the neighbor’s situation — the town comes and mows. I say go ahead and do what you gotta do.

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@abasket if they are out there all the time, then I honestly would have no qualms doing the noisy yard work necessary to maintain your home. You certainly cannot be expected to plan your home maintenance around their entertaining, when they are entertaining all the time. If they were having a special event, then it’s on them to give you advance warning/consideration. You can’t be expected to decipher what is just another typical summer day of relaxation with their extended family and what is some sort of special gathering.

I mean, it’s nice of you to want to be considerate. My answer would probably be different if they weren’t out there pool side day after day, and it was obvious that it was a special occasion. Or if they happen to glance your way, you could just call over that you will be power washing and mowing and apologize in advance for the noise, but that’s not necessary.


Oh wow. We are at least 0.5 mile from the park. But even then we can hear the Xmas music they play every night in December. They have a light display contest for non profits. It is neat to drive through and we like it, but at our house the music sounds like creepy organ music in a horror movie.

Nothing like that here. Just people playing volleyball and kids playing on the playground. An occasional birthday party. The volleyball players do like to have music playing, though.

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Thanks for all the thoughts. I know I’m overly sensitive to being kind and neighborly.

They are very chill people and I like the idea of the hours except have to admit that I often like cutting in the evening especially on hot days. Clearly if there was a huge crowd indicating special event I wouldn’t.

Well I just cut it and have it done before noon. Guess it worked out because while the wife and some family were getting poolside ready the husband was cutting THEIR grass while I did mine! I’m much quicker with my step and while I have double the yard to mow, I beat him to get done!

Tomorrow I’ll deal with power washing!!


Glad it worked out so well today. You’re a thoughtful neighbor.

In most places where we’ve lived it’s been a rule (either HOA or city) to refrain from loud outdoor work/activities before 7 or 8 a.m. and to end by sundown in the case of the HOAs and 10 p.m. per the city. I’d be happy if our current neighbors abided by those restrictions.

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That’s part of living in a neighborhood! You should not feel guilty for maintaining your property.

We have plenty of neighbors who use lawn services that arrive at 7:50am, especially in the summer to beat the heat, not to mention random tree services, house, patio, deck and pool construction that usually starts at 8am . You’re a very gracious neighbor to restrict your start times and to be concerned about disturbing their gatherings. I agree about being considerate of a special gathering but otherwise you should do your yard work without guilt.


Don’t feel guilty at all. If you had a lawn service, the mowing would happen whenever it fit into their schedule (which sometimes can be in evening if they are in catch-up mode after rainy weather).

PS - We do have a lawn service. One hot week the mower guy, who we really like, started at 7:30am on Saturday. No problem for us since we are retired and can sleep in on weekdays. But it seemed inconsiderate to the neighbors AND it is against local noise ordinance to mow before 8am. When it happened a 2nd time, my husband talked to him and explained that we knew he wanted early start in the heat…. but he could not make us a regular 7:30am gig. He understood and moved us to Friday afternoon slot.

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I would speak to them and say that if they ever are having a special event party, to let you know so you can cooperate but otherwise you have to do your yardwork. Seems fair. Don’t they have a fence around the pool??

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There is a fence around the pool but not a privacy fence. We have some bushes on our side that block some view but their driveway is on the other side of the bushes and they tend to spill their parties onto the driveway. Of course neither a fence or bushes keeps out noise!

It’s my own obsession about not wanting to be a bother. Today we actually got the house power washed - started at 10 and fingers about 1pm - they were entertaining at the pool probably starting around noon but at least our house looks cleaner if they are looking at it while swimming and tanning! :joy:

I’m a happy camper for this weekend. Manages to get the yard work done and house power washed and now am inside until the evening!


How about asking them? That way if the two of you can pick a few days then they can decide if they want to have guests or not. That is what I would want you to do if I had a pool.

abasket, this question is a testament to your kindly soul. I would ask them at a point and mention your concern as well as mowing preferences. That way they would know you would certainly take a request to avoid an event, and you can proceed in good conscience knowing they would state their needs. Or should, as you put the ball in their court.

I get concerned about my neighbors as I am an evening mower in summer, and they have kids in bed early. But I use an old reel mower, so no power tool sounds come from my yard aside from the weed whacker, which I’d not use in the evening.


New question! Apologies, a boring one…having trouble with ATT regarding my password- won’t recognize my correctly typed in pw, have to re set, then have to sign in on other devices-checked the ATT forums and others have complained about this but no real resolution-- if anyone can help I’d appreciate it-thx!

In my experience, associates at a brick and mortar ATT store are usually very helpful and are able to reset the account access when such things happen.


We have ATT cell service. Sometimes I have to sign in with user name ‘your name on the bill’ and sometimes I sign in with the ‘main phone number’. It can be tricky. Also may you can on line chat with them.

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I’ve been trying to chat with ATT for several days. I keep getting they are having difficulty connecting try again later.

Well, this is truly random. I have an external catheter, and I can’t make myself release, for lack of a better term. Does anybody have tips to allow my mind to allow me to use it?

Turn on water.

Create a sensory distraction, like digging your fingernails into your palm.

They tried the water, no luck. I don’t have any nails per se, can you recommend something else. Would just pushing a closed ink pen into my palm possibly work?

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