re-starting CC up in Michigan Tech

<p>I just got accepted into MTU! Looking forward to visiting. Does anyone know what kind of things students do for fun up there?</p>

<p>My son has gone hiking and camping in the fall and in the late spring. Now they play broom ball, go to the hockey games, watch movies, walk around in the snow. They will be getting ready for Winter Carnival when they go back to school after break. Look it up-it's fascinating what all they do with the snow statues. Enjoy your visit!</p>

<p>Hi again, now that the application process is over and almost everybody got their acceptance letters and trying to make the best decisions moving forward, I decided to visit this forum again and see if anyone posted anything new. I don’t know why MTU is not that popular on this website. My son is 99% convinced that he wants to go to MTU. Even though we live very, very far away, MTU looks like the best fit for him (or so he says). I am trying to convince myself that this decision is the right one. He got into 6 or 7 more schools, some of them with higher ratings than MTU but his heart is set on this one.
I would really appreciate if any parent or current student shares more information about MTU. Anything will be very helpful. Thank you</p>

<p>My daughter has decided to go to MTU. She verbally committed to play tennis there next year. We visited the campus in the fall and she really liked what she saw. She was deciding between MTU and Case Western. She wanted a smaller school (also accepted to Michigan) where she thought she could do research right away. We met with the Chemistry department and she was very impressed. She also loves the outdoors (snow boarding and fishing). It is a nine hour drive from our house so I am a little nervous that we cannot jump in the car and go see her. </p>

<p>Are you guys planning to attend the admitted student’s open house in March? Being 19 hours away most likely we won’t make it and I hope to hear thoughts and opinions from anybody who can go. </p>

<p>CCU2013, my S and his girlfriend both are graduates of Michigan Tech. I can’t say enough about the school. It’s a great school if you live far away because everyone is far from home and campus life is very active. My S really bloomed at MTU, he had great leadership roles there and great internships. Same with his gf. They both have great jobs now, the gf had a job with the company she interned at. S had a job before he graduated, in fact every student in his major except one had a job or graduate school by graduation. S has a great job that he loves and makes good money. Boy I used great a lot, lol!</p>