Really tasty low cal/healthy dinner recipes

I think a lot of people don’t season enough and don’t use fresh herbs enough. Both give so much flavor and more depth to your vegetables especially.

Spices are not calorie full! Be generous! (Even salt - don’t go overboard but be sure to use salt along the way unless you are restricted.

My favorite spice as of late is paprika. You can get regular paprika if smoky is too much for you.


We eat salmon for dinner about once a week. My husband does a wonderful job with it on the grill, but sometimes we bake in oven with pesto on it.

Another staple is “zoodles” (spiralized zucchini). We often use fresh zuc, but it handy to buy frozen too. Typically we will sauté with some veggies and chopped leftover meat. Sometimes we add canned tomatoes or sauce but also make stroganoff varieties. No it is not a substitute for spaghetti…. it’s a bit different, and honestly we’ve gotten to the point where we often prefer it. Sometimes we do pasta though just for change of pace.


I followed a link to chicken enchilada soup which sounds really good!

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I got a huge bag of stir fry veggies at Costco - will likely try something like this on my own.


We eat salmon whatever day we go to the grocery store each week. We get pacific salmon, and usually we marinate it in terriaki sauce. These days we usually we eat it with Caesar or Asian salad (from a bag).

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I just made (and ate) a variation on this - absolutely delicious! I used a defrosted chicken breast that had been frozen for almost a month. It was so juicy and flavorful, which you don’t always get with chicken breasts.

Thank you for sharing!

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Glad you liked it! given how easy it is & how simple the ingredients it always surprises me with how good it is

Sheet pan.