Reasonable Course Load? - Sea_tide? (others)

<p>By the NOT drop a class NOW just because it puts you over the 16 credit load. You can always do that in August before classes start without a charge. You won't get charged for it just because it sits on your schedule over the summer.</p>

<p>It might show up on your bill, but you don't have to pay it just yet.</p>

<p>I asked someone in son's advising which was engineering. Will pop an email to Fran O'Neal who oversees the program and see what she has to say.</p>

It's very likely that the advising person doesn't know or perhaps Bama isn't allowing it anymore. Either way, don't drop a class yet because of going over 16 credits. You don't pay your bill until later and by that time you can either drop a class or charge OA to spring.</p>

<p>Thanks all! Paying for that extra credit isn't going to kill us, but if we could shift it we'd look into it.</p>

<p>I'm going to echo m2ck and say to keep whatever classes you have registered for, even if it is over 16 credits, and e-mail honors about moving AA/OA over to spring semester. If anything, your student could probably decline the AA/OA credit (idk why UA doesn't just give them a credit for AA/OA like they do for AP or transfer credit so that it wouldn't mess up students' course planning).</p>

<p>My Daughter is going to Bama Bound next week. She has done the things on the checklist, but do yall have any other advice for her. She is pre-dental and will probably major in biology with a minor in spanish, so what do yall suggest doing to prepare her for her session and for advising?</p>

<p>i asked someone about the AA/OA credit being moved to spring and the answer was no, can't be done.</p>

<p>idk who i asked, though.</p>

<p>Hi Mom456! There is a general advising session by individual school the afternoon of Day 1 that is broken down by last name. What D & I did later that day (there are 2 one hour breaks; one before dinner & one after) was sit down & look up/write down the course numbers, all the sections & 6 digit ID for the classes she was interested in taking, along with the dates/times/locations for those classes. She identified which classes were most important to plug in first and that she'd have to schedule around. The morning of the 2nd day is when they actually register & parents are not there. D said it was very helpful to have that list & made things go smoothly. Especially when she had to register for a lab section of Anthropology 102; the lab is separate and required which isn't well noted, but looking at the notes jogged her memory. </p>

<p>Will she have to take the math placement or foreign language placement tests?</p>

<p>Hi Mom456!
We will be at orientation next week, as well. D will also be a bio major and we're trying to have a basic schedule planned knowing that it could change completely after advising or finding closed classes. Good luck to you!</p>

<p>Mike....I would still ask the person(s) in charge of OA/AA. Either Dr. Oneal or Dr. Morgan.</p>

<p>Mom456....she should take the Spanish placement test if she's had some Spanish already. If she does well enough, she can skip the 100 and/or 200 level classes and then later get credit for those classes after completing the higher level course.</p>

<p>After she meets with Arts and Sciences, she'll stay behind and listen to the pre-health advisor.</p>

<p>my DD is going through recruitment so is not going to do AA or OA. it sounds like a good thing to do, but i think it will be best for her to do one or the other, not both.</p>

<p>: )</p>

<p>Thanks for the imput! I was just making sure she wasn't missing anything major. </p>

<p>My daughter doesn't have to take the math placement test, but she does have to take spanish. I think I saw a place to register for the math test, but does she need to register for the spanish test and if so how do we do that?</p>

<p>Also, she has taken college classes and AP classes. Obviously, she has not gotten her scores back from this years AP tests and her transcript isn't completed yet. Does the advisor go over which credits will transfer and how do they deal with AP credit?</p>

<p>As for AP credit, the school assumes that the student passed (unless the student strongly feels that he/she didn't pass) and lets the student sign up for the next level of classes (if desired).</p>

<p>As for how dual credits are handled...have those been transferred yet? If so, then they may have already been credited appropriately. You can check on mybama to see if the credits have been received and credits correctly.</p>

<p>SEA_Tide may be able to shed some light on this since he had a lot of dual enrollment credits.</p>

<p>Are the dual enrollment courses unusual? or are they typical classes like bio, chem, English, history, etc?</p>

<p>I don't know if a student signs up ahead of time for the Spanish placement test, or just shows up during the testing time.</p>

<p>My son took the Spanish placement test last year. It's given on the second day of Bama Bound around 8:15 a.m. (double check the time, of course). He just showed up at a specific computer lab and took it. The results are immediate, as they will be needed for scheduling.</p>

<p>We went on mybama and worked out a grid for scheduling and plugged in classes. We used the curriculum on the mech eng website. </p>

<p>Now, this was Saturday night.</p>

<p>Is it possible some of these classes will be gone/filled when son registers Wed am?</p>

<p>^ not only possible - but somewhat likely!
That's why you plan for alternatives and he'll have to think fast on his feet if things are closed.
This is how I understand it from the other day (from the Arts & Science scheduling people)</p>

<p>Everyone goes for their required "big" classes first, for Engineering that's your Honors Calc. or whatever.
At the same time, the kids in (for example) Studio Arts are going for their big required classes (Drawing I, 2D Design..)</p>

<p>So when it comes time for you to fill in your remaining courses, that Drawing I you may want, since it is a pre-req for a Arts major, may already be filled.</p>

<p>You work your way down from necessary to "gee that one sounds interesting."</p>

<p>Again - just did this the one time - I'm sure there's many things DS didn't quite convey to me.</p>

<p>and again, also, registration was still available to us the next morning so DS changed his sched. further when a pre-req Art spot came open.</p>

<p>Remains to be seen if we will still have access after yesterday. We do not have it right now.</p>

<p>One final thing (for now!), looked at last fall's enrollment and saw that for the 15 seats courses DS wanted to get in on, every one of them had 17 students actually enrolled. If you have a legitimate reason to need a course I think they will get you in space permitting. DS needed permission to get into an upper level CS course since he had AP credit. It took the advisor in the room typing in some special code to let him register for it. It was helpful that he had an email from (coincidentally) said professor telling him to do that come registration time. Point is, they seemed very wiling to help him work things out.</p>

<p>Just checked - can continue to drop/add classes today. Maybe early BamaBound students are not getting locked out after all.</p>

<p>M2ck: What you said about that not being a good rule of thumb to follow may be true for certain departments, but for the biology and chemistry departments which will be important for the OP who said one of her majors is biology, the same teachers have been teaching the same classes for a few semesters now with a little variance over the years.</p>


<p>Are they all tenured in bio (or on a non-tenure track)? If so, that might be the case. Like I said, if a prof isn't tenured (has the Ass't designation) then typically he/she has to demonstrate proficiency in teaching various classes, so his/her schedule will change during the tenure process. </p>

<p>And, I was answering Mike's post that she was going to look up our math prof recommendations. I had responded their names aren't up yet. And, math does have profs that are tenure eligible, so some are being moved around.</p>