Reed RD 2024

I think everyone will get one. Its probably just based on location. I got one yesterday but, @djs2020 got one on Monday.

Ohh. I am an international student so if they have mailed one it will take some time.

I live on the east coast. It’s probably random. @paniparyo I wouldn’t worry, the letters were pretty generic

did anyone else just get an email titled “Hieroglyphs and Macaroons”? I noticed that at the bottom, there’s a link to which seems to go to the admitted class of ‘24 website

Every other email I’ve gotten from there also has a link, but to instead of

Yes, I got it.

@djs2020 @123456789111 Did anyone else get this? can you send an email to the admission ask if this mail only for the admitted students because it’s a bit confusing!

@MoHab4y did you get it?

@djs2020 yes, but the link isn’t working. Do you have any idea if this mail is general or sth?

@MoHab4y no idea. I think the actual link is

@djs2020 can you mail the admission? and I’ll mail them too about this mail. If you got an answer from them reply with it here, me too!

They probably just send it to everyone on the mailing list.

If anyone tries the recipe, let me know how it tastes.

I also got the macaroons email with /admit, and now that you point it out I just hope it’s not a typo lol

I did not get the “Hieroglyphs and Macaroons” email and I was accepted via early action about a month ago

I got my RD acceptance packet + book today! How did it go for you guys?

Stats, ecs, and are you domestic?

We just received the admission package today in California, via Fedex.

is there anything showing up on fedex informed delivery for anyone?

Well I live in Va so I probably won’t get anything until Friday or Monday