Registering for Classes: Is the course registration site IMPOSSIBLE to find or is it just me?

Hey guys, I’m going to Poly as a freshman this fall to study electrical engineering, and so far every single page on NYU/Poly’s website tells you to go to the “Student Center” in Albert, which doesn’t even exist. All of the “guides” show screenshots of the page but not a SINGLE one links directly to the site where you can enroll or just plan for classes to see if the schedule works smoothly.

Maybe I’m just completely stupid and it’s in a really obvious place, but I’ve been pouring over their website for days and can’t find it. If any of you know it, PLEASE link me to it.


I’m also in Poly and I think that the course registration process does not start until after May 1.

The only thing I have heard since I paid my deposit was registering for the Google Hangout event with Poly students at different engineering majors.

Hm ok then. Because the GS director told me it’ll happen in June, but on the website it says it started on the 20th (this past Monday). Maybe that’s for current students? Anyways hopefully this gets figured out soon;

Also, can I still register for that?

@slimey Did you receive an email about that? (check all your mailboxes) I’m not sure but try to click on the registration link and you should know. Good luck!

Haven’t gotten anything on it, but thanks anyways. Maybe we’ll run into each other in the fall

This is the exact problem I was having! I going to CAS for Maths and when I saw that registration supposedly began, I freaked out! Albert has no useful information about it. But then I read somewhere that newly admitted students are supposed to receive an email later on about registration… Glad to see I’m not the only one though.

@MZuo7091 OH GOSH OK SO IT’S NOT JUST ME! I’ve tried emailing the IT department and whatever other help emails I could find but I haven’t gotten any responses so far. I guess I’ll just wait to see if my advisor responds. fingers crossed for both of us

To get to Albert you need to have an NYU account and password. Sign on through NYU home. You can go to and click on the NYUHome tab on the top. Then sign in (if you can) and go to NYU home page. There you will find a tab that says Academics. Click on that and then you will see the Albert tab on the left. Click on that and then go to Student Center on the next page. On the next page, you should be able to go to a green box that says search for classes. You should find all schools and classes there. Good luck!

Not sure if you will be able to register for classes yet–depends if the link is active and whether they have any holds on your account. But you can put courses in your shopping cart.

Current registration is only for current students. You will not be able to register until orientation

@uskoolfish Thanks for the help but that’s the exact problem I’m having----Student Center doesn’t EXIST in Albert. Could you provide a direct link to the ‘shopping cart’ page? That’s the one I’m trying to find : ( Even if I can’t actually register for the classes, planning a hypothetical schedule would be super helpful…

It is not set up for you yet. Nothing you can do. You need to be patient. If you want to get to Albert and see the schedule of classes, here’s the link:

@uskoolfish So you don’t have a link to the ‘Shopping Cart’ that this page is talking about?

@slimey You have not been given access yet. The whole thing is relatively simply once you can officially sign in. You are struggling because you are not able to sign in yet. The best you can do now is kind of plan a schedule based on the Albert access I showed you which lists the classes and times.

PS-- registration started for current students on Monday. D who is a rising senior got to register on Tuesday am. Freshman register last, often during orientation, or for some programs on their own after they are told how and given access. Probably won’t happen until June or so.

@uskoolfish Ok then thanks, we’ll see how it goes.