Regrets on choosing LA for business?

<p>just a note, GPA isn't the biggest factor in getting a good paying job right out of college. your internships and experience count even more, assuming all things are equal. with that said, theres a ton of internships available in the los angeles area.</p>

<p>kfc4u, actually GPA is.</p>

<p>I had thought the same thing as you are before the whole turn of events during the campus interview week in my senior year. However, as much impressive as the trackrecords of internships and experience should be, most recruiters highly value the importance of having the high GPA. </p>

<p>After all, GPA is the only comparative variable to be used as a tool of comparison among all UCLA students. Furthermore, GPA can be a rough illustration of a student's determination, intellectual curiosity, critical reasoning, and most important of all, perseverance.</p>

<p>But I agree with your point on the internships.</p>

<p>Having a fabulous internship between your 2nd and 3rd year should greatly help you in your job search. </p>

<p>Then again, you do need a good GPA to secure an internship.</p>

<p>haha DaRaverLA, you would know much more than me. but yeah, GPA does open doors to internships.</p>

<p>I just suffered tremendously because of my relatively low GPA compared to my peers during the campus interview week, and I just wanted to advise some of the youngsters on this board who may be looking on to carefully "manage" their GPAs.</p>

<p>I just dont want other Bruins to make the same mistake as I made back then.</p>

<p>Most prestigious recruiters (I banking and consulting firms) have very, very strict GPA guidlines (3.4~3.6), and the fact that I wasnt even invited to interview with some of the firms I had dreamed working for really, really disappointed me then.</p>

<p>Fortunately, very fortunately, I eventually got a very good offer from my first post-undergraduate job, which instantenously diffused any disappointments I had, but at the time, it wasnt easy at all.</p>

<p>Even when I was interviewing for the final round, the last guy I was competiting with for the job had an outstanding GPA (over 3.4) and was double majoring in Biz Econ and biology.</p>

<p>Can you imagine the degree of frustration and anxiety I had upon hearing that from him right before the final interview?</p>

<p>is anyone considering USC business vs LA biz-econ? </p>

<p>I actually really want to go to LA for its environment, but i want to do business in the entertainment industry, and USC has a business/cinema-television joint program that sounds very interesting. any thoughts?</p>

<p>polarbear, I would go USC.</p>