Reporting AP scores?

Do you think the benefit of an easier courseload (i.e. “retaking” traditional AP classes in college due to not reporting AP scores for Calc, Chem, Bio, etc. outweighs the cost of likely not attending a prestigious college because of the witholding of scores?

The chances of being rejected from an undergraduate college for not reporting AP scores is zero, IMO.

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Please see this pinned thread for a nuanced discussion of using AP scores.

P.S. there is no guarantee that retaking a course which you took as an AP classes will allow you to earn an A in that class.

Also be aware that many prestigious colleges do not allow students to use AP credit to fulfill major requirements since they view AP credit/classes as less comprehensive/less challenging than their own classes. (IOW, at many prestigious colleges, you will be retaking coursework regardless of whether you report your AP scores or not.)