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<p>You should really visit SMC, take a guided tour. It's difficult to gain a good feeling for the campus without exploring on location. We were there during this past summer.</p>

<p>Try and visit if you can. The campus is in a beautiful area in the hills...some will like that, some won't. Son has been a freshman there for two weeks now--weekends are busy with fun-filled activities sponsored by the college--Weekend of Welcome activities and Freshmen Olympics where all the freshmen from different residence halls competed in various sports. </p>

<p>There is a movie theatre nearby in Rheem I believe. The nearest shopping center is down the hill from St. Mary's and another one is 10 minutes away. Veteran SMC parents will know more--I am a newbie. </p>

<p>If you can't visit before applying, definitely visit if he is accepted to see if it is a potential fit.</p>

<p>Thanks, yes we will try and visit. Son wants to be in California.</p>

<p>How is the education major?</p>

<p>Saint Mary's College has an extremely strong Education major.<br>
They're well-known for this.</p>