Rescheduling July ACT?

Hoping someone has been in the same situation…I have DD20 scheduled for ACT this sat (july13)…however she is super sick and I know that there will be zero prep this week, and there is no need to even bother with the exam. I know we can reschedule for a fee(had to do that once already last fall when woke on testing day with a fever- been a rough year!) but the site is not allowing it…and ACT chat/phone support is not accepting new chats/calls.

Is this bc of the testing year rollover (july is last date of 2018-2019 cycle)…and I’ll be able to reschedule come August timeframe? Otherwise I’ll just be out the whole testing fee which is frustrating (but we are in the “tweaking” scores phase vs initial testing so don’t want to report a bad score) TIA!

I don’t see anything in the rescheduling instructions that says it has to be during the same “testing year” or anything similar. You should be able to register by the deadlines of future tests.

I also don’t see anything about needing to reschedule before the date of the test you registered for, so maybe wait and see if she is better by Saturday. I don’t think there’s a lot of prep that can be done the 4 days before a test, but being sick/not getting sleep the 1-2 days before could be detrimental.

Others can chime in on how actual experiences match what the policy seems to say.

Just in case anyone stumbles across this in the future- we were able to apply the original fee toward the Sept test (with the change fee of course!) once the September registration opened.