Research at Baylor

I am wondering what the research opportunities at Baylor are like. Are they difficult to find or become involved in? How willing are professors to include students? In particular, I’m planning to major in Neuroscience, and I would prefer to do research in a related field. The availability of research opportunities, from a current student’s perspective, is part of my decision. Thanks in advance.

Note: I’m a current high school senior and will apply for Fall 2019 admission. My other top choice is UT Austin.

We just returned from Baylor orientation with my daughter (BioChemistry major, graduated High school last month). The opportunities for research are rampant at Baylor if that is what you want to do. I’m a UT Austin alum (McCombs) and my daughter was picking between Baylor & UT Austin. Unfortunately for me, Baylor kinda killed UT Austin in almost every stat we could find for science majors and pre med success. Best of luck to you.

Thank you for the advice, KWimbs. I don’t plan on pursuing pre-med anymore, but would rather like to continue to grad school for Neuroscience. Would Baylor, in your opinion, still be better for that?


I’m a Bio major at Baylor and I believe that if you’re majoring in any health major, Baylor is the way to go. I too was tied between UT Austin and Baylor last year. Baylor has many resources to help you succeed in your desired field (especially if you are a health sciences major). Internships and shadowing doctors are highly stressed and encouraged at Baylor (so Baylor is really good if you’re looking to shadow a neurologist or someone similar). I am not a neuroscience major but after going to orientation recently and hearing the health sciences presentations, it’s safe to say that Baylor provides research opportunities for all health science majors including neuroscience.

@PaintingWithFire - I have to agree with the post above. I was REALLY pulling for UT hard but it’s undergrad programs in the sciences are pretty unimpressive (excluding computer science). It’s very unfortunate for such a good school. As an alum, I’m hoping it improves now that Dell med school is in it’s 3rd year. But in the here and now - we couldn’t take that chance with my daughter.

Can I ask what you’re wanting to do with a neuroscience major? My daughter will be a senior this fall and is seriously considering neuroscience at Baylor, but is unsure where to go with it.

I know this is a little old, but it might help someone in the future. My son is currently a sophomore at Baylor in Mechanical Engineering. He is a decent student, but is not one to necessarily make his own opportunities. He happened to be at a reception for the Engineering students and got to talking with one of the professors who was there about wanting to do some research. The professor told my son to email him and they could arrange to find some kind of research group for him to participate in. That was in the beginning of September. Since then, he has attended the general meetings for all of the research groups under that professor and they narrowed down a place where he has some interest. Yesterday he started actually “doing” something.

My point is, if my son can do it, probably just about anyone can. He will totally admit this too. He said that there are lots of opportunities and that all you really need to do is show a little interest and actually talk to the professors.

Baylor is smaller and offers more opportunities for undergrad students for research and for grad/medical school admissions. It’s easier to stand out there and get support and resources than at a huge public school like UT. Their generous merit scholarships make it cheaper or similar cost as UT for good students. Specially if you are a National Merit Scholar aiming for medical schools then Baylor is an obvious choice. Why bother with state schools?

@Lolakola99 So when can you begin research? Can you start in freshman year? I’m also a bio major and I’m deciding between Baylor and UTD at the moment.