Results Dates?

@CollegeKidCool No you don’t need to send an email.

If they asked for my midyear/second quarter grades, will I have to wait until febuary to send them? Or can I just send in my first quarter and hope for the best?

@TomSrOfBoston True, but still doesn’t make me feel like any less of an idiot. But oi, the quote’s pretty clear there then, guess they are minimums.

Side question if nobody minds, as I don’t think it warrants another whole thread: does anyone know how the one-year entrance scholarship works? If I got it would I have known at acceptance or do all the scholarships come out at once at a later date? I’ve been searching around but I cannot find an answer for the life of me.

Whoops never mind, just got it ^^;

does it say if you got in on the portal once you submit everything? How do they notify you of the decision?

@hellobroos2 the decision is posted on the application status page in the box that probably says “In Review” or “Further Review Required” for you.

Also, I got accepted two days ago but I didn’t apply for any entrance scholarships. Is it too late to apply to them, or does their deadline of January 22nd still stand for me?

Thanks so much! And I’m not exactly sure about the entrance scholarships… But you should def call the school about it; they’ll have the best answer!! @pajw424

Just submitted my app a few days ago. Any idea when I should hear back? Hoping to hear back before they leave for Xmas break. Also - does McGill send you an email notifying you that you’ve been accepted?

I currently have “reviewed: decision pending”
What does this mean for me? Has anyone else with this status gotten accepted? If so approx. how long did it take to pass through this stage?

I hoping you guys can help me out here…I submitted my application on 10th December, and uploaded my transcript the same day ( I’ve already finished High School ) but my application status still shows “Ready for Review”
How long does it take for the admission officers to actually review the application?
PS : Indian applicant here

Depends for some it takes a few days some a month or two

McGill has improved its response time for decisions but those above who are expecting a two week turn around in for a big disappointment.

Heard back today from the Faculty of Arts! Submitted the app a while ago but they never received my transcript (which I mailed). I let my guidance counselor know about 5 days ago, and he sent it to them that day.

I’ve got another question if nobody minds. When and where does it show up if you’ve been exempted from courses because of AP credits? Will it be closer to the beginning of the fall semester on Minerva or am I mistaken? Thanks, hope I’m not a bother ^^;

I submitted a wrong doc on Minerva and now I can’t change anything?? What should I do?

@PPEFan Hey! I followed the CBSE curriculum in Grade 11 and 12. I also graduated last year and I am currently on my gap year. I applied in November, and my current status is “Ready for Review”. Decisions are coming out now so I guess we’ll know soon!

@funnyguy323 Small world ! What program did you apply for ?

@PPEFan Yes haha, we’re in the same boat. I applied for the General Engineering program. What about you?

@SuperFloree Hey I’m a current Mcgill student- your advanced standing (so AP credits) don’t process until August which is well into the course registration so that can be a bit frustrating but it worked out okay for me.