Reverse Chance Me/Suggest Schools!

Hey, you don’t have to tell us where you’re from, but if you’re from the west-ish coast, look into the Western Undergraduate Exchange. I don’t know the details but I know people who have saved a LOT of money through it!!! There are applications due every year in the fall, and essentially you can pay max 150% of what you would pay for in state at any one of the participating schools if you get it.

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i’m not unfortunately ): east coast here haha. but thank you for the suggestion! i’ll go diving and see if there’s a similar type of thing for the east coast. <3

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I also will recommend that you try Middlebury and a few other “full need met with loans”. Middlebury in particular is both really strong in environmental science, and is trying to increase minority enrollment. So if you are accepted, there is a good chance that they may meet all need without loans.

While your family is likely making too much for you to qualify for Questbridge, is your city a Posse city (Boston, NYC, DC, or Philadelphia and Newark for the virtual program), and is your school a public school? While you usually have to be nominated by your school, you can always ask your counselor to get your school nominate you. It only covers tuition, but full need met college which are Posse partners will usually cover the rest.

my school is a public magnet school, but we are not a posse city from what the website shows me ):

i have been looking into outside scholarships similar to questbridge that offer large sums of money/full rides based on merit, like the bryan cameron foundation. i’m just worried maybe my grades and ECs aren’t competitive enough for such a thing; my school focuses on career technical education since its vocational, so APs are basically only available junior and senior year.

bryan cameron’s EA application isn’t due until may though, and i am currently working on other projects related to my current ECs in order to keep building that “spike,” so i hope that can help my application. they’re also test optional which helps a lot seeing as my SAT was cancelled twice.

Posse has also added a virtual program which works with Charlotte, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Memphis, Newark, Philadelphia, Phoenix, some cities in Minnesota and Virginia. The process of selection and precollegiate training is online for these locations.


Apply to a school with a Stamps scholarship. Its very competitive, but its another avenue for you.

Also NC State Park scholarship(another competitive scholarship) you can ask your school to nominate you.

have you heard back from Thrive/SCS Noonan?

I’m confused about your description as a first gen latina: black, white, asian aren’t really part of the latino cultures (unless the AA part of your background is hispanic-based). The Hispanic scholarships, that my children applied to, had cultural requirements.

Typically, a number of these scholarships require strong participation in cultural events. The scholarships are competitive and can’t be relied upon.

those are my racial backgrounds, not my ethnicity.

and i know, i’m not trying to rely entirely on these cultural scholarships. i’m applying to a lot of merit & community service based ones and after making this post i heavily expanded upon my safeties list, so i feel a lot more confident about being able to actually afford going somewhere i like.

no, we hear back the 20th of this month!!

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any news on Thrive?