Rice Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

@Treedophile did you get accepted?

Rejected :frowning:

@Yugests L :’)

For accepted students, did you get your financial aid decisions yet? Also does anyone know when we’ll find out about transfer credits

@sagitear I didn’t get my financial aid decision. But the transfer credit report is included

To all who got rejected: you will go on to do amazing things and reach great heights! Best of luck!

@CriedEmerson did you get in?!


@transferrrrrrcc yeah - sorry I just feel really guilty about this, hence why I didn’t announce it. I hate thinking about all the pain others must be going through :frowning:

Is there a groupme?

@CriedEmerson you deserve to brag about it!! Congrats! You were so nervous!

rejected. Good luck to every waitlisted

What do yall know about the waitlist

Rejected this morning


@transferrrrrrcc thank you so much! have you decided where you’re heading?

I dont think there is a transfer group me just yet, only because Rice doesn’t accept many transfers at all. Last year, they only accepted 50 transfer students and 2 years ago, around 70.

Rejected. It sucks that I didn’t get accepted, but I’m happy for those of you who made it. Wish the best!

@CriedEmerson i will probably “settle” for berkeley. the only schools left are out of states and privates and seeing that i’ve been rejected from rice i don’t really feel that i’ll get in anywhere else! i’m okay with that tho : ) have fun at Rice!! i’m so happy for you!

@transferrrrrrcc “Settle” for Berkeley? Haha. I was just sharing this thread with my bro, and he said Berkeley is better than Rice! Might be hard to quantify in such simplistic terms, but “settle” is definitely an underestimation of Berkeley.

Also, Rice is weird sometimes, especially with transfers - not, I think, a reflection of your other admissions. Whatever happens, best of luck! Let me know where you end up going ?

anyone know anything about the waitlist, like how and when they release decisions, and how many people in the past have gotten off the waitlist?