Rice Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

@CriedEmerson you deserve to brag about it!! Congrats! You were so nervous!

rejected. Good luck to every waitlisted

What do yall know about the waitlist

Rejected this morning


@transferrrrrrcc thank you so much! have you decided where you’re heading?

I dont think there is a transfer group me just yet, only because Rice doesn’t accept many transfers at all. Last year, they only accepted 50 transfer students and 2 years ago, around 70.

Rejected. It sucks that I didn’t get accepted, but I’m happy for those of you who made it. Wish the best!

@CriedEmerson i will probably “settle” for berkeley. the only schools left are out of states and privates and seeing that i’ve been rejected from rice i don’t really feel that i’ll get in anywhere else! i’m okay with that tho : ) have fun at Rice!! i’m so happy for you!

@transferrrrrrcc “Settle” for Berkeley? Haha. I was just sharing this thread with my bro, and he said Berkeley is better than Rice! Might be hard to quantify in such simplistic terms, but “settle” is definitely an underestimation of Berkeley.

Also, Rice is weird sometimes, especially with transfers - not, I think, a reflection of your other admissions. Whatever happens, best of luck! Let me know where you end up going ?

anyone know anything about the waitlist, like how and when they release decisions, and how many people in the past have gotten off the waitlist?

You can find that info on the Common Data Set for each year. Rice’s waitlists have not been too generous in the past though.

@CriedEmerson oh haha i was just joking about settling. im so lucky to have gotten into berkeley! ive just always wanted to go to an out of state school and im worried that once i step onto campus i won’t like it much.

and you’re right. i definitely feel like im qualified to be admitted to the schools i applied to but the admission process is really so random, and the likelihood i get into the schools i apply to is so slim.

@transferrrrrrcc oh oops, totally missed the joke there! It’s great that you have this amazing option! I couldn’t apply outside of Houston, for family reasons, so it was Rice or bust! That’s why I’m super grateful this worked out.

I’m just scared, because I don’t think I’m academically prepared! I’ve gone to really bad schools all my life.

@CriedEmerson Congratulations! If Rice admitted you, it believes you are academically prepared. Don’t second guess yourself. You will thrive at Rice.

When do waitlisted applicants hear back?

@CriedEmerson i feel the exact same way about berkeley. during my year at CC, it’s been a LOT of work to study for classes but only one of my classes legitimately challenged the hell out of me and i ended with a B in that one : (

at transfer day the first thing the dean of students said was “if you’re thinking we made a mistake… WE DIDNT” and it was a cute ego boost but im scared for next year! i just can’t help but think i only got in because berkeley has an obligation as a public school to accept california CC students. this was long and irrelevant to Rice which I’m sorry for!

@transferrrrrrcc omg, I’m feeling the exact same way! It’s crazy that they said that because i have been grappling with the thought that my admission was a technical mistake. But that’s such an irrational thought I try to push it away. And this is not irrelevant to Rice, because we’re both experiencing imposter syndrome I think!

And also, I’ve been sort of sad that I might not have fully deserved this acceptance because I have sibling legacy! So I guess we both had edges for rice and uc berkeley, but think of it this way: they rejected so many in state applicants. They went through your application multiple times and each time, it was unanimously agreed that you deserved to be accepted. In state applicants are in no way a shoo in! Not sure you can say the same for legacy though, considering they admitted me…

@CriedEmerson okay legacy is definitely not a factor of ur admission. Even with legacy you get in because of your own stats. i read somewhere that this kid thought he would for sure get into Duke since his dad went there, even though his scores were a littlest below average. he ended up getting rejected! legacy can only further (and barely) boost students who are already qualified applicants.

by the way what’s your major?

I still haven’t decided on a major! But definitely not stem :slight_smile: