Rice Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

Hey dude, I had the same problem, I ended up emailing it to them, not sure if they’ll accept it.

i am submitting a bunch of my supp materials late (box submitted via portal today, bought scores/transcripts to be sent today, not sure when they will even get to them). hope they dont hold it against me too much lol

Ugh me too, I only got the link for the Box today, plus I had like 10 legitimate mistakes in my common app. Beginning to lose hope.

How are you guys’ stats looking? ECs, test scores, transferring from, etc?

When do results come out

May 1 to June 1 on a rolling basis, they said.

Did you guys use Common App? If so, when you download the application as a pdf, did you also notice how our essays turned into one giant paragraph?

Last year decisions came out on 4/26

Also, are any of you guys currently freshmen?

Also, I called rice, they said that even if we submitted a little late it should be fine. They seem relatively chill about this kind of stuff

Ah, man, I totally messed up my application because of the time. Should have just submitted late.

No, I’m a soph from HCC

We just upload the box on the upload section of the portal, right? I don’t see anywhere that says box. We just put something that “appeals” to us, right?

@jimothy12 are you sure TRANSFER decisions came out on that date? that’s pretty soon

According to last year’s Transfer thread for rice, they released the first wave at least on April 26. The year before the first wave came out May 5 and the second wave was May 22

Oh man, this stuff about waves is so scary… I’m probably seventh wave :slight_smile:

This is the first transfer class since the announcement of the Rice Investment, right? So for all we know there might be a dramatic increase in applicants (like there was in the freshman pool), making it much harder to get in.

@jimothy12 i’m a freshman at a CC. I’m hoping i have enough classes to transfer as a junior though. if not, then at least a sophomore and a half haha

@transferrrrrrcc what major are you going for? and how’s your gpa?

@Ashtash on the portal below the list of materials received there’s a place where you can upload stuff. click the drop down menu and chose “the box” or something like that and then upload your item

@CriedEmerson chemical engineering, gpa is not stellar, 3.71 (two Bs), but imo excellent ECs. midterm report is straight A/A+s with 19 units.


What I need to do is totally forget about this now, and just focus on other things. Anyone with me?