Rice University Transfer Fall 2021 Thread

Nice to meet you as well, and good luck to you too! :slight_smile:

Well, I saw in another thread last year (2020 transfer) and I think more transfer students got accepted, but I can’t for sure say that Rice will accept y’know do the same this time around, since they are really competitive and I am not sure about the over admitting freshmen thing, but it is best to look at their stats for acceptance rate for transfers last year. I hope everything goes well though, and good luck to you! :slight_smile:

I had a question though, does anyone know when they will send out notifications? I wanted to know whether there is a specific date, or if it is on a rolling basis that they do on.

Last year the first transfer decisions came out around May 8th. There were some others admitted later. Look at this thread Rice Transfer Students 2020

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So, would you think a good estimate would be around May to June 1st? Also, thank you so much for the link! I appreciate it.

Hi, I also applied to transfer to Rice for Fall 2021, and I read an article today that on March 29th, Rice announced that they will have a major expansion of the student body and campus. Will this expansion take effect and allow more undergraduate students including transfer students this year?

I don’t think there’s a guaranteed answer for that. I’m sure we are all hoping that Rice will accept more undergraduate transfer students, but there’s no way to truly know unless they release an official statement that they will be accepting more transfers, or until data is released and we can compare numbers from previous years. On more optimistic news, Rice actually matriculated around 30 or so Spring 2021 transfer students where historically, that number has been much, much lower.

Here’s the link to that. I believe that the article also stated that last year, Rice only matriculated one Spring 2020 transfer student. So from 1 student last year, to 35 this year for the Spring cycle. Maybe they have started to increase enrollment just slightly? Maybe there’s no correlation at all. Who knows.

We already submitted our application, and whatever decision they decide to make is no longer in our control. I know this waiting period is agonizing, but let’s hope for the best!

No, it’s part of their 5 year plan. They’ll need to build new dorms, hire more faculty and staff etc…

I read another article today that Rice accepted about 400 more undergraduate students for Fall 2021 (a total of 2749 compared to 2346 last year). I am hoping that this is good news rather than bad news that they will accept more students including transfer rather than accepting fewer transfers for the bigger new undergraduate student body.


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They tries to expand, and 400 more admits correspond to about 100-300 more students (the yield rate this year might be lower). I hope they don’t take less transfer students lol

The website says rolling until May 31st.

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