Rice University Transfer Fall 2021 Thread

I have four now: Cornell, Colgate, UNC, Berkeley


do y’all think it could be this Saturday? Just an assumption since the other thread for 2020 fall had their first decision on May 8th.

Anyways, let’s hope we get an answer from them soon! :slight_smile:
Good luck to you all.

Last year, May 8th was a Friday. If the trend continues, we will probably hear back this Friday, the 7th.

Good luck to you as well!

Hi everyone!
I am crossing my fingers that the results will come out tomorrow :crossed_fingers:
Wishing everyone for the best :persevere::pray:

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Does anyone know what time they’re usually released?

Good luck everyone! and good luck on any finals you may still have right now!

Considering how most universities release their decisions around noon to 3:00PM, I am assuming that it’ll be similar for Rice (I am hoping that they will release earlier, though!)

Good luck to you too! :blush:

My guess is either 12pm CST or 5pm CST. I’m excited and nervous!

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Is there any confirmation it’s tomorrow or are we just speculating?

No official confirmation. But based on past years, the common trend is that transfer decisions for Rice are usually released the first Friday of May. Last year it was May 8th, and the year before that it was May 3rd. I think the one before that they actually released in April, don’t quote me on that though. So it is very possible that we hear back tomorrow, but nothing is concrete.

so like are we expecting today or-

yup, sometime between 12 pm cst to probably 6pm cst

It’s coming out the same time as Vanderbilt :clown_face:

Wait, really?!

What time does Vanderbilt’s come out?

Either today or tommorow or sunday or monday or tuesday or wednesday or thursday or friday or saturday or sunday

Okay, so it can literally be any day. I’m so nervous :sob:

Imagine if they just told us. That would be wild

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yeah i dont think they’re coming today yall just a feeling

if the trend has been the first friday of may, im sure they will continue it this year as well

that hasnt been the trend. it was just last year