RIP Reading Rainbow

<p>Both my kids grew up on Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, and Wishbone. Both are avid readers to this day, and my daughter thinks Jack Russell terriers are "just the cutest" dogs. Hopefully, reruns of Reading Rainbow will show for years or will be available on video for my future grandkids to see.</p>

<p>I still have a couple of dozen recorded shows on VHS that I keep 'intending' to transfer to DVD. I will do so today. My D & I loved that show, and we are sad to see it go. It's where I first learned about Frog & Toad.</p>

<p>Love Frog & Toad.
I taught myself to read before I went to kindergarten and the choices of books in 1st grade did not inspire me to read more.
Dick/Sally/Puff :p
I kept at it, but I would have been so much more motivated had I ( or my teachers) been exposed to the selections in Reading Rainbow.</p>

<p>Such a bummer. My D's (and I, I do confess) loved RR. Also Bill Nye, Wishbone and personally I ws a fan of Carmen San Diego.....all wonderful PBS shows. They won't be happy when I tell them this! Their childhood is going by the wayside.</p>

<p>My kids loved Carmen Sandiego. We even had computer games......their favorite was "Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego?"</p>

<p>My kids LOVE Reading Rainbow as well, tho for some reason we didn't watch it as faithfully as we did Sesame Street--maybe it was timing & forgetting the show was even on! We did love happening upon it & my kids are voracious readers. We did really enjoy Levar as well--he did such a great job & was very entertaining! They did select wonderful books.</p>

<p>My D refused to read "boring" books & went straight from not reading to reading myths 7 legends that her teacher wouldn't allow her to borrow because they were "too difficult." My kids have always loved going to "far away places" by reading and can still transport themselves at will by plunging into a book or anything written.</p>

<p>Anyone know if they'll be making a DVD set on RR? Reruns?</p>

<p>Carmen Sandiego! LOL-- Remember the "Underwater Diver Guy" and "My Buddy Buzz?"</p>

<p>Good stuff.</p>

<p>HImom - there are some Reading Rainbows available on DVD - here's a sampling from Amazon:</a> reading rainbow dvd complete</p>

<p>My kids LOVED Carmen San Diego. D co-incidentally bought a very lightweight trenchcoat ala Carmen recently. She decided on a black & white checked one & returned the red one as too much like CSD. :)</p>

<p>My kids are older now & not so into RR, but down the road, that might be a great gift for young readers--nieces & nephews, maybe.</p>