Roger Ebert on The Oprah Show

<p>"Look, I hate smoking. It took my parents from me, my father with lung cancer, my mother with emphysema. They both liked Luckies. When my dad's cancer was diagnosed, they played it safe and switched to Winstons. When my mother was breathing oxygen through a tube, she'd take out the tube, turn off the oxygen, and light up. I avoid smokers. It isn't allowed in our house. When I see someone smoking, it feels like I'm watching them bleed themselves, one drip at a time."
- Roger Ebert</p>

<p>Don't make assumptions when you don't have the facts.</p>

<p>Thumbs up to you Nrdsb4! We are ALL susceptible and human. All the great news you hear, beware. Even in order to beat the beast you have to do things no one wants to do: radiation, chemicals, pills that make you sick. My father was given two weeks and he succumbed in one. My sis and I are five years out and going. You can get cancer from smoking, eating fatty things (who doesn't do that? Very few), being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and having dreadful genes. Beware.</p>

<p>or you can just get cancer.</p>