Rowan Engineering very competitive to get into for class of 2024

A differentiator could be the Bantivoglio Honors College at Rowan if accepted there.


You may be correct that there is no right or wrong answer. BUT and a big BUT, we need to bring our kids down to reality as to what is/ is not affordable. Yes sometimes they get disappointed, but in the long run, they will thank you when they have little to no debt to pay, while they watch their coworkers who went to the big, fancy schools, struggle to pay off their student loans. I think that is key!

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that is strange that he was invited to apply for the honors program. My son got into his first choice-Electrical & Computer Engineering. He has a 4.0 unweighted and 1450 SAT. However, he did not receive an invitation for the honors program–weird. However, they did give him a lot in merit scholarship money; Rutgers gave him $0. Rowan has a 24% acceptance rate, which is pretty low, meaning it is highly competitive to get into. What was his 2nd choice program?

Rowan is doing private tours–go online and set one up. I think after he tours the Engineering building, he will love it. My middle son is a freshman at Rowan and when we moved him in last Fall my youngest questioned why he would ever go to Rowan-it’s in the middle of nowhere. All he got to see was the parking lot and the dorm we moved my middle guy into. Now that we did the full tour, he loved it; he also loved that he will be nearly debt-free when he graduates from Rowan. Rowan was not even on our list. But, he applied to the Electrical and Computer Engineering program two weeks ago; he was accepted and they gave him a $8200 merit scholarship. I know I can squeeze more money out of them–it just takes a phone call. But we are ready to send the deposit in. Rutgers gave him $0; NJIT gave him some, but he doesn’t want to be in NEwark; Stevens gave him $32k, but we will still owe $45k; and he was waitlisted at GWU. I think Rowan is the smart choice–they are actually rated higher than Rutgers in their Electrical and COmputer Engineering program. I’m so happy I joined this site because many on here convinced me to convince my son to take a tour–so happy that we did. A lot of really great advice on this site–people are genuinely helpful and want to see these kids succeed.


Rowan is definitively a smart choice, but the claim that Rowan is rated higher than Rutgers for Electrical and Computer Engineering is highly dubious. You should provide a source.

My son got 4k in merit from TCNJ and 1.5k in an engineering scholarship. Pretty good for TCNJ… He has 1400 SAT top 6% of his class. Three varsity sport all the other stuff they look for…

he was accepted to honors

So, your son has to pick between TCNJ or Rowan Honors College at about the same price?

What specific field of Engineering is he interested by?

Getting 5.5 K in scholarships at TCNJ is indeed very good.

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Rowan Electrical Engineering is rated #17 of colleges with no doctorate:
Rutgers, who does offer a doctorate, is rated #48 for Engineering. However, the ratings are based upon doctorate/non-doctorate


We had are 2nd visit to Rowan yesterday and daughter is close to committing - very impressed with labs, clinics, teachers etc. Wondering about internships and job placement though - I know this year is tough EVERYWHERE from what I’m hearing, but I did hear that Stevens and NJIT have better job placement? - Debnbill do you have any insight?

@jmansky I don’t think that you should be too worried about Stevens or NJIT having better job placement than Rowan. It is true that Stevens and NJIT are better known, but at least in NJ all firms looking for Mechanical engineers will know about Rowan and the value it offers.

However, in your daughter’s case, I am not sure why you apparently ruled out Rutgers which would have the best job placement of all those four schools.

Also, you mentioned that cost is a factor but not to which extent. With you daughter’s stats, I think that Rutgers and NJIT would offer better than 9K in merit.

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I have to disagree with Rutgers having a better job placement than all four of the schools-these stats were found on each of colleges individual engineering sites: 95% of the Stevens Class of 2020 secured highly competitive employment opportunities, admission to prestigious graduate programs or other intended outcomes within six months post-graduation. Rutgers has an 83% career placement six months post-graduation. Rowan has a placement rate for 2012-2020: 90-100%. NJIT: 77.4 % of baccalaureate degree recipients reporting full-time employment within the
first six months of graduation.

Here’s my thought-Stevens is in a prime location, I mean who wouldn’t want to go there. They have internships with some of the most prestigious companies working out of NYC. However, even after giving my son $32k, we would still owe $45k. I am not taking loans for $180,000 to finance an education. Every $10k you borrow ends up being roughly $100 per month-so that’s $1800 a month in student loan payments–not what a I want to do.

I highly doubt Rutgers would give your son/daughter $9k. As I posted before, my son’s friend applied to Rutgers (engineering) with a perfect SAT and close to a 5.0 GPA, he got $0 from Rutgers. And, it should be noted, this kid has already earned 15 college credits during high school. None of my son’s friends, all of whom have higher stats than he, received $0 from Rutgers. And many of them who did not apply to the engineering school were wait-listed. Seems crazy, but it’s the truth.

I would agree that Stevens has better job placement–look at the location and the beautiful two towers they are building to house the freshman come Spring of next year. My son applied and was accepted to NJIT because they were trying to recruit him and gave him a waiver code for the application fee, so he applied. But, I honestly do not know much about the school except that it is Newark, a place my son would rather not be. Stevens would be my son’s first choice if we were able to afford it, and we are not. I will not allow him to go into $180k student loan debt for school–while he may come out making more money than someone from Rutgers or Rowan, but it wouldn’t really matter because he would have a $2k a month loan payment for the next 20 years. So, right now, I had to take a financial stand with my son and he is 100% on board. He loved Rowan, loved Steven’s and found that Rutgers is just old and gloomy (which it is). He loved the brand new engineering building at Rowan (the white boards everywhere), etc…he loved Stevens. But, the choice is made–Rowan it is. And yes, Stevens, NJIT and Rutgers are better known, but of all the parents I have spoken to on our Rowan University site said their grads had no problems getting internships and they are all working in their field. So here are the stats on Rowans Electrical & Computer Engineering Program:
2021 ECE Facts & Figures
2021 US News & World Report national ranking for best UG programs: #16
Number of incoming students for Fall 2020: 120 (highest in the College of Engineering)
Number of applicants for Fall 2020: 349
Average SAT for 2020 Admission: 1320
Average high school GPA of admitted students: 3.84
Number of undergraduate students as of Fall 2020: 350
Number of graduate students: 50
ECE placement rate for 2012-2020: 90-100%
Average class size: 25
Max class size for lab courses: 24 (most of ECE curriculum are lab courses)
Max class size for lecture-based courses: 40
Number of faculty and staff:
16 full-time faculty
8 supporting faculty
2 technicians and 1 administrative support personnel
Number of clinic projects available to every undergraduate student every semester: 40 for ECE only,
160+ collegewide - all of which are available to ECE students
Percentage of UG students working on real-world, unsolved problems in multidisciplinary settings: 100%
Retention Rate: 90% (national average for engineering programs is 55-65%)
Average 2020 starting salary for ECE graduates: $72,000 (highest in the College of Engineering)
Highest salary offered to an ECE student at the time of graduation with a BS degree: $118,000 (highest in the College of Engineering)

Debnbill I wondered if I could ask you a couple more questions about Rowan privately - happy to give you my email or phone or FB, whatever you prefer. Thanks!

Absolutely…send me a friend request on FB and then we can exchange #'s or emails privately thru chat–Deborah Carney-Gumpper is my FB name.

And, I received even better news from Rowan yesterday. As I said, they originally gave him $8200 in Merit Scholarship $$$. Well, I emailed them and asked them to take another look at his academic record; citing the colleges he was accepted to and the offers from them along with the fact that I will now have 2 at Rowan. Well, they replied and upped his award to $10k along with an additonal $1k (Friends of Rowan Scholarship)-bringing the total to $11k in renewable scholarships as long as he maintains a 2.5 GPA—with that said, he will be declining Rutgers, Stevens, NJIT and withdrawing from GWU’s wait list. So excited!!!



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Doesn’t hurt to ask, right? I’m happy with it. Makes college completely affordable–no loans!!!

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Both my kids graduated from Rowan debt free (we have no parent loans either). Two years out, paid off cars and living in their own apartment, happy as clams, although my daughter would be a lot happier if she could spend some of her savings on live concerts LOL :slight_smile: Someday soon, we hope!


My son has a 4.0 weighted, 1450 SAT and a bunch of AP classes under his belt. We just applied 3 weeks ago per the advice from many knowledgeable folks on this site. He got into his ONLY choice, Electrical & Computer Engineering. They gave him a lot of money in merit scholarship–he will end up paying for Rowan what it would cost for 1 year at Rutgers. I am so happy he made this choice. Rowan Engineering is rated #17 in the country for ENgineering schools without a doctorate–so yes, they are very competitive and the best is that their class size will never go over 24 students–meaning they will be able to get their hands on all the equipment and technology in their 4 year old state of the art engineering bldg.

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That’s what it’s all about–debt free. My son’s education at Rowan will end up costing pretty much what 1 year at Rutgers costs. I am happy with his decision.