Run / walk exercise: COUCH-2-5k

The Halo hasn’t even been released, so I don’t have one yet (next friday). I use a Galaxy tracker right now, but I’ve been having trouble recharging it so I think it is going to fail soon. I used to use one of the original Fitbits and I liked that too.

I just count steps and monitor a few things like pulse rate. I want credit for every single step I take so while I have the app on my phone and pair them (and usually there is about 400 steps more on the phone), I don’t always carry my phone around so if I just used my phone I’d be missing out on steps every day. Oh no no, I want credit.

I think this Halo will work the same as my Galaxy, although there is a $3.99 charge (waived for a year) to have all the info tracked. Not sure I’ll use it but maybe I’ll try it.


How are ya doing, gang?

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gone out running…. too much wind, wildfire smoke, cold and snow here recently. But I am 11 for 11 on my vow to log some kind of exercise, even if minor, every day in January.

Each day this month I have done one or more of the following:

  • trainer bike… up to 45 minutes now (but low resistance)
  • walking
  • Fitness Blender Arms, 9 min video
  • Fitness Blender lower body stretch, 17 min video
  • cross country skiing
  • vacuuming
  • “crawl space monkey” (putting away Christmas decorations, a chore that used to be assigned to the delighted kids… oh, I miss them!!)
  • Today: 2 hours as food pantry volunteer “loader” … took cart through the staging area (other volunteers add many preloaded bags and goods) and then delivered into car trunks in parking lot. Round and Round I go… 23 HEAVY cartloads today, 6000 steps.


I could rent in town, but when there is snow it requires driving in snow (plus $20 fee). But I saw a blurb about free Ranger tour on snowshoes in Rocky Mountain National park an hour away (higher altitude, more snow). That tempts me.

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It’s as warm (42 degrees) and sunny as it will get today, so I’m headed out for a walk around the neighborhood.

Do you have any interesting weekend walks to report?

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I walk at least twice a day with the pups but I’m afraid those walks are interesting only to them!

I took a few months off running and just started using an app I read about called “Pace”. The website is Stay on Pace. They have several coaches you can choose from, based on what you want to get from running, and then you choose a program. The first 30 days are free and then it’s $4.99/month. I picked a woman who is a coach but also writes about running; she lost a significant amount of weight while running so I can relate to her! Right now I’m doing walk/run which is great for me right now.

We are supposed to get a LOT of snow tomorrow so most of my walking will be in the backyard, playing with the pups.


Snowshoeing is so much fun. The ranger-led tour also piques my interest. I’ve explored a couple of trails in RMNP and even ventured past the barrier on Trail Ridge Rd, but would love to spend more time in the park. I hear the alpine lakes are breathtaking in the winter. Adams Falls in Grand Lake is another beautiful winter hike to a frozen waterfall.


I love trying something new, and today my “do at least a little bit of exercise every day in January” was (so far anyway) just a 15 min arms/core video at interesting fitonapp site recommended by @mom60 over at HealthyHabits thread


Most days I do this 10 minute Fitness Blender freebie arms video. I do split screen and Mute the audio so I can watch “Grey’s Anatomy” too. Tank Top Arms Workout - Shoulders, Arms & Upper Back Workout - YouTube

Good news… it has gotten easier over time, so I’m up to 4lb of weight on most of the 7 exercises. That’s still wimpy compared to some folks, but I started it last year with no weights and worked my way up.


@Colorado_mom I have done that exact workout. It’s very good. Now I just need to get back into strength training. I have no trouble getting motivated to go for a run or get up early for livestream Sunrise Yoga, but I need a kick in the back end to do strength!

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@Colorado_mom I do that FitnessBlenders workout also. I can’t even use weights for the reverse fly pulses (well, if I do, I can’t finish!) but otherwise, I normally only use 5 lb weights. There is another Fitness Blenders workout for arms, shoulders, back that I also do which suggests varying weights depending on the exercise. Hmm, not sure why the link is not appearing.

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Well those reverse fly pulses are hard for me too. Often I switch to 1lb on left arm, 3lb on right.

My 4lb for the other Fitness Blender tank top arms routine are really combo of smaller weights… 3+1 / 2+2. I don’t really like that and contemplated getting 4lb weights at Dick’s. But maybe I should just wait until I work up to 5lb. (Cost is low, but in the spirit of declutter threads I’ve been undecided).