Run / walk exercise: COUCH-2-5k

Is anybody signed up (or completed) a local Turkey Trot walk/run event? Our local one was held last weekend. They offer a 2 mile walk or a 10k run. Maybe next year I’ll do the walk.

Pre-pandemic, I always did the Silicon Valley 10K Turkey Trot held on Thanksgiving morning. But now, I’m not sure I want to be around 25,000 +/- heavy breathers. Then there’s the driving, parking, etc.

So, I’m still debating about doing it.


For the last few years a friend and I have done the one at our neighborhood park which is a benefit for the grade school that is also in the neighborhood. Very low key. They map out a 5k and a 10k on the trail in two directions from the park. Some businesses donate coffee and treats. Dogs and babies welcome. No t-shirts. The ‘registration’ is throwing $10 into a box.

Lots of fun and a good way to start the day. I actually walk over from my house so get a lot of steps in before I even get there. Sad news is it is too far for the old dog so have to take the newer one this year. Old guy will just have to walk a little way later in the day.


Oh, that sounds like a perfect way to do things. Logistic challenges is what scares me off from bigger events.

I’d be surprised if there were 200 at the park to do the walk (many family groups) whereas there are about 10,000 at Wash park (and no where to park!)

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Sadly, for the first time since 2016 (2020 was a virtual) I will not be running a Turkey Trot. There is one close to me and it is small, but illness/injury is sidelining me. Hoping to get back running in mid December and start racing again in the spring.

So let’s do a virtual CC Turkey Week Trot. Walk, run, or walk/run on your own (your choice on distance)… then post a photo of the scenery along the way. Based on weather predictions in CO, I’m eying Wednesday for mine.


Its been challenging to get back into shape after all the covid-no-gym months and months. Have to get in shape, not for a 5 k, but for skiing. What I had done previously was do th equivalent of a 5k in an intermittent walk/run on a treadmill. trying to get back to that, but have so far only motivated myself to do 1.75- 2 mi. I just am not as into it as I had been. Any tips?

My skiing is so mellow that I don’t do much to train for it. But I do recall my father’s advice for ski training was to go upstairs backward. Not sure which muscles it works.

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Yesterday I did my little solo Turkey Trot. Hoping others will do same this week.

After more than a month of laziness and a bit of walking (letting a sore heel get healed), I went back to the lake trail where I’ve been doing 5k runs about twice a week for the past 5 years. Ran 2k (without much regard to speed), then walked 3k. It was good progress, and I’m happy to report no heel pain today. Ha, a bit of soreness elsewhere as expected.

I took photo of eagle in tree. It is almost impossible to see it, but gee the blue sky was pretty.


Personal Turkey Trot 5k + a little bit this morning on our neighborhood trail. It’s tradition for people/kids to go out with chalk and write inspiring messages on the pavement - here’s one I ran by today!


S and I plan to do a 5K walk tomorrow morning.


Yesterday I ran my first full 5k distance since Sept. Felt great.

Any Thanksgiving walks? One of my favorite childhood memories is walking hand in hand around the block in Queens with bigger cousins. I was in the middle, and they would say “one two three WHEE” … and they would swing me through the air.


My first race ever, when I started running races about 10-12 years ago was a 10K Turkey Trot. So much fun. I haven’t run in a couple of years.

I’ve been trying to walk at least 4 miles five days a week. I’m ahead of my goal so far for the month of November. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to fit my long walk in today, but this thread inspired me to get out of bed early and get it done. Not only did I get a 3.5 mile walk in, I then walked another mile getting to/from our annual Turkey Bowl. I’ve already gotten 15K steps in!

It was a beautiful day here for a walk/run. I saw a group of paddle boarders out on the bay during my walk. Thank you for giving me the motivation I needed today.

Sharing a picture from my walk today. Happy Thnaksgiving!


Nice job. Stunning photo!

If you missed your chance on Thursday, there is still time for a Turkey walk over the long weekend.

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Did my little neighborhood walk. It was only 32 degrees, but fairly nice out (low wind). Walked the more active dog and had to keep spinning around as he got me all tangled up.

Boy am I sore. Walked 15000 steps (the 5k but also walked to the park and then back home) but I think the soreness is from the dog tugging and twisting me.

Bed early. There is a West Wing marathon on.


@Colorado_mom I totally got my turkey walk in yesterday - that was the point of my post! I was thanking this thread for motivating me to get out there yesterday despite thinking I wouldn’t be able to fit it in. I actually walked about five miles outside yesterday, but was on my feet all day even once I got home. When I went to bed last night, I had managed 18,000 steps! My feet were so sore, I didn’t want to get back up and go downstairs when I realized I forgot to bring my glass of water to bed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


S and I did our 5K Turkey Walk yesterday (actually 3.3 miles). Included a stop for coffee/hot chocolate.


Yes, your post was fantastic, good job! I was impressed. Sorry for the confusion… my encouragement sentences was for the other readers ;). I should have done a 2nd post instead of a paragraph break.

I feel a little lazy, having stayed inside all day (except for going outside to empty the compost bin). My 95 year old father called and said he took a 20 minute walk in his neighborhood after dinner. He’s been an avid walker in later years, after decades of more vigorous exercise (tennis, skiing, windsurfing… and brisk walks after he adopted an energetic chocolate lab). I’ll definitely get out today.

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