Rutgers University New Brunswick Early Action for Fall 2023

Anyone know how to get past the page that requires the 10-digit “NJ Smart ID” in the application? While it says “up to 10-digits” it’s rejecting the 8-digit ID that our student’s NJ high school puts on the transcript and claims is the only ID they have.

Yes, experiencing the same here with no acknowledgment of SAT score. The portal is very primitive compared to other schools, since you can’t even get past the opening screen to see a detailed listing of items completed and still needed, with dates. All of the other schools I’ve seen have those things.

I’m not sure that the smart id blank was a required field. Did you try leaving it blank to progress?

It didn’t look like there was a box for my son to check on the application to pick EA. Is it just that if you submit before Nov 1st you are considered Early Action? Want to make sure he didn’t miss noting it somewhere. Thanks!

SRAR question. On the application portal, it says SRAR is required, and has a link to the SRAR site. When D clicks on the link, and logs into SRAR, is shows that it has already been sent to Rutgers (a few days ago). But Rutgers portal doesn’t show it. Is it just a matter or waiting a few days? Or would you call admissions office to follow up?

yes I am 99.99% positive it is just a priority date, rather than a true EA deadline. So no need to select EA anywhere

That is correct.

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As long as the Rutgers portal shows the application is complete / under review, you should be fine. Their system seems to have an issue showing the correct SRAR status (happened with my daughter’s application too, last year).

No harm in writing to the admissions team to confirm.

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It appears that the Rutgers application makes you submit their portion with all the info and essay before it gives you the link to do the SRAR. Is that correct? So you can’t go back?

Has anyone had their application moved to “under review” status?

333nj333, Wondering if you reached out and got any feedback from Admissions about the SRAR not showing. My son’s is also still not showing as checked off. (He was going to write them tomorrow.)

Ours shows complete but not yet under review.

I called, and the person I spoke to said that on their end, it shows that it was received. However, in the portal, it still shows as needing to be submitted. Since I know they have it, I assume it just takes longer for it to show up in the portal.

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Question about entering middle school grades in the SRAR. Is this option and do you only do it if the high school lists it on the transcript or if the course was the equivalent to a HS course (and used to determine level)? For example, our student completed Algebra and Geometry in middle school and started with Adv. Algebra in HS. But there is no reference to that in the HS transcript. He’s be just as happy not to bother tracking down the old middle school transcripts. Can he skip or should he enter them? Similarly, should French 1,2 and 3 in middle school be listed or can skip?

I don’t know of any college that asks for middle school grades. So skip.
If your son took more advanced math classes in HS, it’s implied that he covered more basic levels in middle school.

Thanks. That was our take too but the SRAR was unclear about it. Much easier to skip.

Anyone know why the “Enter Exams” tab is missing from the SRAR? It asks in the beginning what test scores you want them to let them send but then never gives a place to enter them. Looked online at the official SRAR support page and it shows an “Enter Exams” option that doesn’t exist in the actual SRAR. Weird.

Rutgers only accepts official score reports, so you don’t need to enter them anywhere.

Thanks. We already send the official scores, it’s just weird that the feature is missing from the SRAR (which isn’t even linked to the Rutgers app yet), despite it setting up that it would ask about them.

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Can’t they just look at a transcript or something? My SRAR took me almost an hour…waste of time.