Safety Schools

$20,000 or less after financial aid and scholarships.

I believe you are a NYS resident. Does the $20,000 include the $5500 student loan? Can your parents pay for SUNY?

Whether a school is a “safety” or not depends a lot on your grades and test scores in addition to your financial situation.

I am a NY resident. Does not include the loan. And we can afford SUNY, in fact I am looking at mostly SUNYs for my safeties. Any recommendations for SUNYS with the best undergraduate business programs?

1510 SAT, 4.0/99 GPA. 7 AP’s.

Besides the SUNY schools ( there is a wide academic range) it is impossible for us to suggest safety schools without knowing your grades and scores.

I just send my grades and scores, LMK.

Merit is going to be tricky. To get the cost down to $20,000 or less you will need a full tuition scholarship…or close to it. In my opinion Binghamton would be a good option for you. It should be affordable with the $5500 loan and a summer job. Will you qualify for financial aid or are you only looking for merit? Have you used the NPCs for schools that meet need?

Use the NPCs for these schools and see if they are affordable:

Wake Forest
University of Richmond

Take a look at the merit given at Pitt, Richmond, Ohio State, U of SC. It’s not guaranteed, and it may not be enough, but it’s a place to begin. Also take a look at the U of Vermont.

I will qualify and I am looking for both. I have not yet used them but I am going to soon.

The cost of a SUNY school living on campus is over $26,000. For business I’d put SUNY Binghamton on top but you might also look at SUNY Buffalo (if you want a larger college) and SUNY New Paltz (if you want a smaller college).

UAlabama offers generous merit aid but I think it will work out to be a bit more than a SUNY school. If you are OK with a Catholic school you can give a school like Fordham a try and see if you get enough merit aid to make it work.

I am applying to Bing and Buff, not Alabama because it is too far and not Fordham because of the area. And yes, I understand the price for these colleges is in the twenties, but if I get aid and scholarships can I bring this cost down to hopefully below $20,000?

You are instate for Bing and Buffalo. What do their net price calculators say?

What is your parent annual income.

Haven’t done calculators yet and their income is in the 80-110 range.

Do the net price calculators! If you are starting college in fall 2020, you will need 2018 tax year income information.

Yes I will. Any other good SUNY or CUNY business programs that I should consider? I think Bing, Buff, and Baruch is a good group so far.

FWIW my S went to Fordham and I was perfectly comfortable with the area. But it is an individual thing. Perhaps consider Fairfield in suburban CT.

I mean the campus itself is beautiful. But the area around it is literally the Bronx. It’s not a place to be walking around and hanging out at night. And what did he study btw?

My S was an accounting major at Gabelli at Rose Hill. He loved the location of the school including the proximity to Manhattan. He also embraced and took advantage of things in the surrounding Bronx neighborhood such as going to Arthur Avenue, running in the Botanical Gardens, doing community service work in the surrounding area etc.

I have no stake in if you feel comfortable at Fordham or not. As I said it is a personal choice. Fortunately there are many other schools to choose from. No college is for everyone.

IMO your biggest concern need to be finances.

Bro this really depends on your GPA and Test scores–because those will effect the amount of scholarship money you get. Maybe look at the Big 10 schools like IU and Ohio State. If you want an out of the box value-for-quality business school, look at the University of Houston.