SAT January 2012 - Writing


<p>I think for speed of sound I put "than they are in". It should have just been "than in".</p>

It should have been
The speed of sound is faster in air than water.
It actually read
The speed of sound is faster in air than the speed of sound in water.</p>

<p>I has speed of sound as correct. It sounded weird but I couldn't find a mistake.</p>

<p>so, was it elected president or elected for president?
And in the identifying error problem, was it devote in, or to establish?</p>

<p>Oh, and in the writing section, there was the passage thingy and combining two sentences about dinosaurs and birds, and how we wouldn't believe it but the research was extensive...was it the sentence that started with</p>

<p>And also, there was the , , question in the passage-was it in retrospect?</p>

<p>for the speed of sound question, i got no error. the question went something like this: the speed of sound in air is faster than that of sound in water. so in total i got 5 no errors
i got elected for president.
i got ruminate.
nd no, i didnt get in retrospect. i got "however".</p>

<p>wouldnt it be elected for "presidency"?</p>

<p>I got
elected president

That part was correct, but I believe there was a parallel structure error earlier in the sentence.</p>

<p>bagofbunny, I put 'that of sound' for it because it seemed like 'that' was referring to 'the speed of sound'.</p>

<p>You don't need "for"</p>

<p>It looked like either Jamie or Jackie would be elected president. (Something like that)</p>

<p>The only writing one I found truly difficult was the last one:</p>

<p>Did anyone put "as evidenced by" ?</p>

<p>I put E for the Jamie or Jacki would be elected president. I think the answer choice was just 'President'.</p>

<p>i put elected president. </p>

<p>what was the answer to the last question of the test about Cabal an artist or something like that.</p>

<p>I got as evidenced by.</p>

<p>Does anyone remember the full sentence for speed of sound?</p>

<p>President was correct. Mmm... Missed the imminent one and didn't get to finish my awesome essay (suspicion topic) on Lord of the Flies, Watergate Scandal, and Freudian theory, but I think I did pretty well, overall.</p>

<p>I think it was the "Speed of sound in air is faster than sound in water" so I put that of sound in water I think..</p>

<p>and, does anybody remember if it was however/obviously/therefore/in retrospect...</p>

<p>and there was the sentence identifying error question number 22 about like devoting dollars in somethingsomething...
i thought that was a parallel question so i put to establish, but was it "in"</p>

<p>I guess the Speed of Sound one was experimental? I didn't have that one, I don't think. =P</p>

<p>what did you guys put for the "in an era before ....songbirds"</p>

<p>It was "however."</p>