SAT Question

I recently took SAT and scored a 1540 (790 Math and 750 English/Reading). My goal is to be accepted into a top 10 school. As of now my act score is a 36 (Subscores: 36, 36, 36, 36). As there is such a discrepancy between my two scores, would you recommend retaking the SAT? I would have to take it in August which wouldn’t be the best time for it. However, if anyone thinks it would significantly improve my chances I would be open to studying.

SAT Math II: 800
SAT Chem: 770
I would be pursuing an engineering major.
I hope to submit both tests.

Thanks for the help,

Why do you “hope to submit both tests”? You don’t get bonus points for taking both.

There are an infinite number of better ways to spend your time, IMO.

@HH320 - I would not waste the time and money to take the test again. Your scores are outstanding and will not get in your way. If even a super selective school chooses not to admit you it won’t be because of your SAT scores. Well done, move on, do better stuff with your time. Congrats!

I agree with the others. Your scores are superb. In my experience working as an admissions counselor, a difference of a 1540 vs. a 1600 (when you already have a 36 on the ACT) will not make much difference. Remember, your exam score is only a piece of the admissions process. College admissions decisions aren’t based solely on students’ SAT scores. While most colleges list the average SAT scores for incoming freshmen, schools often admit students who scored lower based on other factors, such as their grades, essays, recommendation letters, and extracurriculars.
On the other hand, there are also cases when even a higher-than-average SAT score won’t be enough to guarantee a student entry into their dream school. I always encourage students to find the right school for you and not just a school that accepts your SAT/ACT score. Best of luck!