SAT Score delayed!!!

<p>Hey there</p>

<p>I am from Sri Lanka. I have taken the A levels offered by Edexcel UK and I know how very different these tests are administered from that of the SAT. </p>

<p>Edexcel papers also reuse aspects of questions of the past but this is simply unpredictable and is done to encourage past paper discussions so that knowledge obtained from pastpaper discussion would actually help to increase scores.</p>

<p>Also the timing of exams were very much differently designed. Unlike the SAT which has the standard 8 am on a saturday morning thing. For example I took some papers on 2:00 pm local time…people in UK took the same exam at 9:30 am their time and a friend in Texas took them on 1:30 am his local time. </p>

<p>I’m not very well aware of how to cheat on the SAT by exploiting time difference but what I’m aware is how easy it is to cheat on a testing center.
For example:</p>

<li>You must have noticed that the sections on the SAT aren’t the same for all the SAT test booklets in a test centre. It’s just jumbled so that if you are taking a maths section, the person next to you might be taking the reading section. So you could exploit this. You could memorise the answers you gridded in (or the last 5 hardest ones) and then duriing the break you could have these types of convos with your friend (in the toilet area or something)</li>

<p>Amy : Hey buddy!!.. was the last section for a reading one having a passage on sky scrapers?
Bill : Nope. Not that one. I had a maths section…I think that would come for me later.
Amy : ah! Just remember the the last few answers are A, B , D, D , C, D, A backwards for the skyscraper passage okay?
Bill : Thanks!</p>

<p>Convo that could have happened in the next break:</p>

<p>Bill : How did it go?
Amy : It went bad, The maths question about the group thingy…how do you do that?!
Bill : UH…the answer was D!
Amy: Thanks…I’ll grid it in</p>

<li>If you want to take the cheating to the extreme, Then after finishing a reading section…store all the answers on your calculator (the supervisors get confused whether your allowed to use a CAL or not cause different students work on different types of section at the same time (your friend might be doing a reading section when you’re doing maths and viceversa). Then later during the break exchange your calculator with a friend saying “answers on list A are the answers for the maths section having that species graph thing”. </li>

<p>So you could easily take your friend’s answers are compare them with yours during the test.</p>

<p>So you see, cheating in the SAT is so easy! Like heck!</p>

<p>Am only saying this to give an impression of how easy it was to cheat at my test centre. I am morally sound to keep away from cheating anyway.</p>

<p>@‌CamelDude </p>

<p>That method doesn’t work for me.</p>

<p>It just says “Your projected or actual SAT scores were not available for this search.” in “Academic Selectivity”</p>

<p>Also, isn’t that the tests are slightly different from every book (the order of question and question order)? It is how intriguing that there are hackers somehow manage to hack and to leak the intel. Seriously, Collegeboard needs to be more careful on the accuracy of their material. Last time, I could not take my Ap Chinese due to CD malfunction, not to mention, TWICE in a row.</p>

<p>im am indian, and I’ve not yet received my subject test scores. i also wrote in october. waiting desperately for them to come so I can go ahead with my ea</p>

<p>I took SAT subject tests in Oct too… haven’t got my scores yet :(</p>

<p>Okay guys. For students who took the October 2014 SATY international paper you will be amazed to see that most sections were just a repeat of the December 2013 US version. The real surprise is, however, that some people and websites actually forecasted this. So there were plenty of space for international candidates to cheat.
Quotes from the December 2013 SAT thread : <a href=“”></a></p>

<p>(if you took the Oct 2014 international test then just have a read through this – it’s really familiar) :</p>

<p>Post #51 : Who had math experimental? I believe the first math section was the experimental one, the one with the question about “mole” (chemistry unit) and the inequality graph. Can anybody confirm?
Post #52 : @santaman did you have a math question that was like how many ways can 3,5,2 add up to 12?
63 : I think the chem is ex because I didn’t get that one, but was the 2.3.5 that add up to 12 only that section then? Or is that question in the real section
65 : In the reading about oral records & memory, there was one question about “what is the function of the questions in the second to last paragraph?”
What did you guys choose?
78 : what was the answers to the following:
the circle with an inner shaded circle and it asked for the area of the shaded part</p>

<p>the one where it was like if y is directly proportional to the sqrt(x) and y is inversely proportional to z then what is the relationship between x and z.</p>

<p>Lastly the one where there was a sequence that started 5 and 7 and the numbers after would be the sum of the last 2, what fraction of numbers less than 3000 are odd</p>

<p>99 : For the inversely porpotional is it inversely portion all to the square of x, the square root of x, or x2? I got just to the square of x
100 : @DonCorleone37 I had reading comps about fishing, meteorites, dying languages, and children using computers</p>

<p>i forget the others…but definite not about a duck or whatever
107 : @dmj sorry i was thinking of one of the grid-in questions for 986 one. It was asking the the largest 3-digit number that the sum of its digits are prime</p>

<p>133 : It was disappointing cuz he noticed all the imperfections of the garden and then he got on a bus home, btw for that one question did you guys put the terse sentences underscores ____</p>

<p>146 : @theging i got the one about fishing so no, it was not experimental.</p>

<p>149 : It was his terse tone undersscored his abruptness. You can look it up if you want. In no way was there any hint at professionalism in that passage.
For the gemstones I think i had no error
150 : @ilovedianaagron
I got something abruptness too
I think it was choice e</p>

<p>And when for the comparing passages about computer programming
What did you gets get for passage 1 in comparison to passage 2
157 : what question had to deal with laud?? i dont remember putting it…and did anyone put the ver</p>


<p>word for the question about the guy who was saying stuff that was a total fabrication?
158 : @hellogloria I said that the first supported, teh second didn’t if there was an answer like that…</p>

<p>also for the same passage, what happened at the end? was it outlining solutions for deficits in education or drawing conclusions from prior experience?</p>

<p>166 : What did you guys get on the passage 1 vs passage 2 about computer programming, the question about how author of passage 1 would feel about author 2’s viewpoints. I put overly cautious
179 : Does anyone remember the percentages for the math question
Like female employers were 8 out of 24
Then it was half as more
So how many males employers decreased ?
201 : For one of the last math questions in one of the math sections (i forgot which one) did anyone put p(1-x/100)(1-y/100)???
207 : For the essay, I said womens rigts as Americe changed their mind on that and amenments 18 and 21 as alcohol was changing illegeal status a lot. And I said we should change to reflect what is really inside us. But I’m in 8th grade, so you might not want to take my word for that. I had p(1-x/100)(1-y/100)…and 1/8 for the shaded triangles of the rectangles.

<p>SO the rumours were true. Dec 2013 was repeated!
But the Essay section was original. </p>

I dont think that the method is accurate.
The scores are too low. </p>

<p>It appears that it is the same issue that got the test in Korea cancelled last year: the belief that exam prep organizations in Korea (and now China) obtained copies of the test in advance. That’s why the delays are based on where the student lived–the focus is on improper test prep, not on irregularities at the test site. It would obviously be a huge advantage to obtain the actual test in advance, because you could memorize answers. That would have a much bigger impact (in my opinion) than discussing answers at the break, or even e-mailing questions to people in another time zone.</p>

<p>While I question the practice of reusing recent tests by College Board, these are tests that have not been publicly released, and those using them know that they are stolen. They are the ones who are most to blame for this.</p>

<p>check out CNN, There are reports of cheating on SAT in China and SK. </p>

<p><a href=“”></a></p>

<p>I got my scores after a few days delay.</p>

<p>I’m not chinese anyway :smile: </p>

<p>There’s a long article in the NY Times regarding this - </p>

<p><a href=“”></a></p>

<p>South Korean students are yet again accused of cheating. This is nothing new. Its too bad that many honest SK students suffer too, but the unbearable competition there makes cheating there almost a way of life when it comes to college admissions.</p>

<p>Have you guys received your score yet?</p>

<p>No, how about u?</p>

<p>Scores in Korea came out last night. I’m not sure if everyone’s score was released, but I think so.</p>

<p>My scores have not yet come out, nor have those of any of my friends, so I’m guessing the rest of China’s scores haven’t come out yet either.</p>

<p>I am from Vietnam, and my scores have not come either. I called CB 3 times, and they just say they are still reviewing my scores and do not know when they will finish… sigh…</p>

<p>Hi guys,</p>

<p>I’m not trying to sound too harsh or cynical, but there is a reason test scores were delayed in China and South Korea. Those of you claiming that this is purely an issue of racism are missing the underlying point. The cold hard fact is this: cheating is common and widespread in Asian countries. While you personally may not have cheated, thousands of your fellow students have. You may think it’s unfair that all of you get punished for a few people’s mistake, but that’s life. Collegeboard doesn’t have the time to search through each of your individual tests, and honestly, because you are international students, you should not be first priority to the collegeboard. Collegeboard is an American organization, so there should be no surprise that international students are looked at differently. If you dislike the American culture, then maybe coming to an American college isn’t the best choice for you. What do you hope to achieve by coming to an American college? Will you return to your country afterwards? If so, then you are being awfully selfish. Americans are struggling to get into college in their own country because of the huge influx of students from other countries. I’m not saying that America shouldn’t welcome international students, not at all. But Americans should have priority in their own country. Those of you complaining that life is so tough in your own country, I’m really sorry about that. But what do you expect America to do for you? It is not America’s job to make your life easier. Think about this as you move further into your college application process. Do some research and stop taking the easy way out.</p>

<p>I’d also like to add that I’m Chinese, so don’t think that I’m some random person posting this out of spite. I hope you all will realize that pointing to petty matters such as racism and rationalizing the situation will not solve the problem.</p>

<p>I wish you all the best of luck.</p>

<p>Well the College Board sure is taking its sweet, sweet time, isn’t it?</p>

<p>this is ridiculous… November score might as well just come out before october score</p>

<p>It’s been exactly 2 weeks since the delay…</p>