SAT Subject Tests? (Science)

Hello! It’s time to pick classes for Junior Year, and I’m pretty conflicted.

I want to major in Biology and eventually go into Med School, so I’ve been trying to work towards that.
For my classes this year I can pick two science classes out of the following: AP Physics, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry.
Whichever one I don’t take I’ll have to either study on my own and take the Subject test, or take it senior year and not take the Subject test, thus, not submitting it to colleges. I’m definitely taking Biology, but I’m still trying to decide between Chemistry and Physics. Please give me some Pros/Cons about each, and which one I should take when geared toward Med school?

(ALSO! Can anyone tell me the subjects covered in the SAT Math Level 1/Level 2? I’m not sure which one I should take.)


Math level 1 is up through Algebra 2, math level 2 is up through pre-calc

Whether you take the Chemistry subject test or the Physics subject test doesn’t really matter IMO. Just pick whichever one you’re better at, and whichever one will get you the higher score.

If it comes down between the two APs, I’d pick Chemistry because that’s just one course, and algebra-based AP physics is split up into two courses now.

Assuming you have the preparation, take Math 2 instead of Math 1. As for taking AP Chem vs. AP Physics, it’s your choice based on your preference; you’ll still need to take both in college. For the SAT science subject test, choose the one (or 2) that you think you will score the highest; there is no need for all 3.

You only need two subject tests for almost all colleges that recommend subject tests, and they often prefer them from different subjects (such as one science and one math). I don’t know of any benefit of taking all three science tests, so you should just focus on one.

Thank you all! Honestly for the sciences I love all three, I just can’t make up my mind. I think I’ll take Chem/Bio in Junior year, and then Physics Senior year, because at my school it’s only one course. The subject tests are just something I want to do, because my rank isn’t as high as I want it to be due to freshman year mistakes that I made to be “cool.”

Does your school offer Physics 1-2, or Physics C (or all three)?
Have you taken all three of Honors Bio, Honors Chem, and Honors Physics?
What level of math will you be taking junior year?
If you’re a “stem” person and plan on taking 3 subject tests, it’s good to have the 3rd NOT in a stem subject to show academic versatility (ie., you’re not JUST a stem person). The SAT language is the subject that’s most likely to be useful since a good score on that not only serves your admission, but also toward placement and/or skipping entirely foreign language for college graduation!
As for premed, remember that you can major in anything you wish - in fact, students who manage to complete their premed core and major in something else tend to have a higher rate of success in med school admissions (also, remember that only 50% med school applicants get even one admission, so you need to have a back up plan - and biology is not a good major if you don’t plan on graduate school.)

My school offers all three Physics classes, but I’m asking which honors science classes I should take out of the three. I’ll be taking Calc BC junior year. I’ll be taking around 4 subject tests. (2 science, 1 math, Korean)
I’ll actually be doing a double major in Biology/Piano, because I’ve already received a scholarship for Piano.