Say It Here Because You Can't Say It Anywhere Else- Venting Thread (HS Edition)

Welp. Hurricane Irma’s about to steamroll directly over our county tomorrow as a Cat 3 or 4, and I likely won’t have power or Internet for anywhere from a couple days to a week, which sucks (haha first world problems I know). Equally pissed that a) since we couldn’t board up our windows and they aren’t made to fit hurricane shutters, some of them are probably gonna blow out and let all the 95 degree weather and mosquitoes in, and b) we have a gigantic online precalculus assignment due Friday which I’ve only finished half of and I know my teacher is too technologically inept to change the due date for.

Also, I know we’ll probably be OK safetywise (we’re not in a zone likely to get severe flooding), but a lot of my close friends live in evacuation zones - some live next to rivers or are a mile or two away from the ocean - and haven’t evacuated or done much to prepare?? And I’m just really worried about them?? + our school floods hard in even minor rain and a lot of our classes are in trailers so idk what’s gonna happen with that.

Whatever. At least this will finally give me incentive to get some studying done and work on our D&D campaign notes - if there’s a school left to go play it at when this is all over, lmao.

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I hate how my school wants us to work in a group for everything. I learn better on my own and in math they just throw us the papers and don’t teach us how to do it. And I have a team test Wednesday and I’d rather take a test by myself because I had to work on a poster with my team and they made my grade drop to an 88% but they insisted I was wrong when obviously they were wrong.

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I do NOT want to be sick again. I was sick for a few weeks during the semester, and that affected everything. I can’t be sick now! I got into All-State and need practice! I also want to spend my break productively, not vomiting!

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Thanks @skieurope for reopening the thread. I guess I’ll go first.

I just read this thread:Homeless, didn't get in through the waitlist, have no where else to go, need advice. What a crazy emotional ride.

Sometimes I forget how good I have it. Sure high school can be rough sometimes but I’ve gone through no major struggles in my life. Some of the stuff I worry about is nothing compared to what others go through every day. I don’t have to worry about where the food is coming from, or if we can make rent. I don’t have to work a part time job to make ends meet. I’ll always be thankful for this. I often get caught up in everything and I wish that I had more. But honestly, what I have right now is way more than enough. I have an amazing school, great teachers, and I have friends and family I can count on. I know this sounds like a thanksgiving speech but reading that thread really put everything in perspective.

This got sappy fast but I wanted to write it down somewhere, and read it again later if I need it.


thank god this got opened again because I’ve been posting in the parent thread. embarrassing but necessary since this was closed. reposting in a place I feel more comfortable in.

yes i know i use “nontraditional” pronouns online. most people on CC might not have ever heard of these pronouns, but i digress. i use these pronouns because i am COMFORTABLE. i would obviously not be using them otherwise. they/them pronouns are already one of my main sets of pronouns, if you’re not used to these other neopronouns. they’re not there to cater to you, i don’t particularly care if YOU’RE not comfortable with them. you’re not the one being referred using them, therefore i don’t really care about your input. i don’t use these neopronouns in real life, even if one of them makes me feel really comfortable but i cannot for fear of outing myself and being made fun of. would it be so hard to just give me the slight liberty of letting me feel like myself online?


F*** AP Exams and Finals, why college board gotta make me take my most difficult exams (Calc BC/Chem) on the last week of my school year… and school officially ends this fri but can’t even let myself loose until the 21st because of the f***ing finals/regents

My High School graduation was trash. The student speakers treated our graduation like a crappy spoken word/ slam poetry night. It never should of been political in nature. They acted like what was being said was profound in nature. Not only that, they did away with having valedictorian and salutatorian speak🤷‍♀️ I’m glad highschool is over for me.