Say it here cause you can't say it directly- the get it off your chest thread (NO REPLIES TO OTHER POSTS)

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Comcast toy are so full of poo your eyes are brown

My friend’s townhouse may have escaped the flames, but it didn’t escape unscathed. Soot and ash came into it, covering everything. The pipes froze and burst, flooding the finished basement. She is waiting to hear the environmental report before work can commence. I told her that at least when it’s all over, her place will be phenomenally clean … but that’s not really worth the unbelievable amount of time, effort and inconvenience. And yes, she feels fortunate that she didn’t lose her home completely (just for the foreseeable future). I really wish I lived closer to her so I could help.

It is so hard having a mother in law who believes in conspiracy theories and also won’t come visit us because she doesn’t like our state’s mask mandate. Not sure how to explain to her grandkids why Grammy doesn’t visit them anymore. :roll_eyes:


It’s disconcerting to look up an order on Amazon and see a message that our package was delivered somewhere near our front door, supposedly by USPS two hours ago. If a mail truck had come up our driveway, we would have heard it since our office is right inside the front door. Also, we have letters in the mailbox with the flag up and they are still sitting there, so it’s obvious a carrier hasn’t been by our house. Grr. I’m annoyed. It’s an important package. Of course, the post office closed at noon so I can’t call them.

We placed the order originally back on January 5 and tracking shows that the box has been sitting in Georgia since January 5. We just canceled the first order and reordered two days ago. Chalk it up to COVID, I guess.


I’m so glad you finally have your puppy. Dogs really do make everything better.


So one person thinks her dog was acting funny this morning because she (the dog) sensed the coming tsunami in Southern California- from six miles inland. Someone else thinks the red sunset was due to the (underwater) volcano exploding 20 hours earlier over 5000 miles away. Shock wave at the time of the explosion- perhaps - but water waves and vapor the next day - perhaps not.

It don’t let me correct the weird autocorrect so will retype: Comcast - you are so full of poo your eyes are brown.

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You KNEW you had COVID as you had the main symptoms, but you purposely ignored the obvious (and kept it secret) because it was more convenient for you to fly/travel/work/return to school.

You got your false negative from a home test by doing the most cursory nasal swab, and now you have spread COVID to others and all your close contacts now have to quarantine.

The French would call you an egoiste. I have a more choice description.

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I’m getting a pretty good score in my new game…

Just read the words, not who said them. Guess who said them…so far about a 90% hit rate with a few individuals.


Who had the nerve to open a champagne bar in the middle of our weekend walk route?! :clinking_glasses:


I think I’m the only one at home (MLK Day) sipping my coffee and NOT playing Wordle……


I moved to Maine for SNOW, not snow followed by freezing rain followed by rain followed by shoveling up the stuff! Yikes, I think that was the hardest shoveling I’ve ever done. I guess it counts for the workout I skipped since the roads were too bad to drive to the gym.


Just pin one thread for this stupid wordle to the top so everyone can post their daily accomplishments. I am tired to getting notifications that someone posted in our FB group to find that it’s another wordle post. All real posts are barred under this craziness


Deflection. You have some serious issues.

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Wow! To a couple of people who managed to graduate from college with no debt, get married, purchase a house and have now paid it off in 3 years all with little parental help. You are Dave Ramsey poster children!


To the mean blonde girl clique: Stop blaming others for your rejections from the colleges you should never applied to. Perhaps, you should have spent less time posting on Instagram over the summer.


Oh Dad. You aren’t fine. Don’t make us make you stop.

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I’m honor of what would have Betty White’s 100 th bday, we made a donation to our local Humane society to sponsor a dog (which waives his/her adoption fee).

This made me so happy on many levels.

And especially bc we did it in memory of my dad (even though BW’s death and love for animals prompted the action today).


I did not know 2 spaces were not required after a period in a sentence, only one. And yes I am over 40.