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Haven’t thought about fake IDs since I was in college, but now that the covid vaccine will be made available to those 65 and over, I’m thinking about how I would like one to give me another 15 months to get to the threshold!


Please don’t agree to fill out a recommendation and then refuse to respond to an email the week before it is due. And another two days before it is due. And then say you are sick. No wonder your business is floundering.


I am proud of the two of you. We may not agree on much, but I admire what you did today.


So sick of people posting vacation photos on social media like it’s perfectly fine to be traveling during the pandemic. Couple that with people bragging about being able to cut in line for the vaccine ahead of health care providers, and I’m ready to cry.


Oh, no!!! Prescriptives is out of business effective next week. I tried to stock up on my foundation and mascara, but they are already gone. First world problem, I know, but it’s a big deal for me.

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Lol, you finally offered. And I don’t think it hurt you to do so. Oh, these small moments. Strange, how happy it makes me.

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“The only BS I need is Beers and Sunshine” :sunglasses:


Why is it that our wealthiest clients are the slowest to pay us? And really, you’re asking a question about an invoice when it was due yesterday (and we give 30 days to pay)? So annoying.


Just in time manufacturing - meet just in time vaccinations. Good god…


147 Google reviews of… a city garbage dump?! Wow. Some people have too much time on their hands. It is a DUMP, folks. You drive there, you dump your junk, you leave. What’s there to review? :joy:


A mama’s happiness is hearing from her son that he was one of 5% not dropped from his much loved and highly competitive job. It’s really, really nice sharing his joy, esp when he didn’t know he would make the cut.

'Tis sobering to think about the other 95% though. I feel for them. They have mamas too. I hope they can find new jobs in this economy, but chances are it’s not as much of a dream job.


Does anything about this state make you happy?

I am so excited. I am having my hair cut today for the first time since August. My husband and I decided to pay the woman who normally cuts my hair to come to our house and do both of us. We figure it’s about as safe as we can get. I normally have my hair cut every 6-7 weeks, so it’s looking pretty bad about now. My husband hasn’t had his cut in quite some time either, so we are both seriously looking forward to this.


First FAFSA, Then CSS, Now IDOC. What’s next??? (besides a stiff drink)


“You want me to eat dinner made by someone who thinks adding breath mints to sandwiches is REVOLUTIONARY?!”

D21 about S25

Stop making suggestions for how my daughter could save money on rent/clothing/food. I know she knows your kid so thats how you know she lives in nice buildings and wears nice clothes. But you don’t know that she has a trust fund and just inherited a million dollars. I’ve already told you She works extra shifts because she knows it’s needed during a pandemic not because she needs the money. Do you want me to tell you how much she has? I won’t because that’s rude and braggy, but please stop.


Not sure I’m doing this right - there are no replies allowed but the only way I see to post at all is to click on a reply symbol. If I screwed up, then mods please remove.

To our appreciative neighbor: You’re very welcome. You didn’t need to write another note yesterday, but it was nice of you. We’re just glad the baby formula and other things aren’t going to waste.

I wish our daughter had listened when we tried to teach her manners. You’ve expressed more appreciation this week than she has for anything, including a recent big home improvement project that she’s been wanting done for over a year but couldn’t bring herself to pay for. Her dad is fed up with her and only agreed to pay for the work because it benefits his precious grandchild. He wants to revise our estate plans now, too. Sigh…

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It’s been over 30 years, I’d love to smoke a big fatty right about now. :herb:

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I think I may take up smoking now just so I could get vaccinated in NJ. Does one cigarette count?