Say it here cause you can't say it directly- the get it off your chest thread (NO REPLIES TO OTHER POSTS)

Glad to hear great news about one daughter, no more starving artist in her foreseeable future. This kind of money will allow her to focus more on what she likes to do.


Some of you folks are still obsessed with it. Unbelievable.

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I think I’ll just skip reading the papers and watching the news today…


I am living in a dystopian society.


To everyone who laughed and said women were overreacting and it would never happen? I can’t type the words I have for you here, for they’d be censored. We are moving in reverse in this country.


The devastation of being stripped of a constitutional right that you’ve had your entire life. Knowing that all of our daughters have been targeted, now left vulnerable and unprotected. A surreal nightmare.

The dark years, the battles fought, the women who died for this right — wiped away, all in vain. So very angry!

6-3. We didn’t stand a chance.


If we don’t have autonomy within our own bodies, we have no freedom at all.


I want men to respond with outrage! We know how women feel. Get loud men! These are your issues too!

Pro Choice
I am pro-choice.

There seems to be a misconception swirling around the term “pro choice” - by its definition there really shouldn’t be - Merriam Webster defines ‘choice’ as the act of choosing (making a selection); and, a number and variety to choose among. They define ‘pro’ as on the affirmative side: in affirmation; and in favor of (for) -

I am pro-choice.

I am in favor of (for) a number and variety to choose among (choices), when it comes to a woman’s personal decision regarding continuing or terminating a pregnancy. For whatever reason.

The nice thing about “choice” is that if you are not in favor of pregnancy termination you don’t need to terminate the pregnancy…there are choices. No one is forcing another to terminate a pregnancy.

However by criminalizing terminating a pregnancy, that is actually forcing another to either put their health and well-being at stake or penalizing them for making a choice.

I remain pro-choice.


Covid felt like an earthquake. Today felt like a tsunami.


But we don’t talk about Bruno - no, no, no…


This, being a “get it off your chest” thread, is a great spot for me to vent my frustration. I am frustrated that I now find myself placing an online order. And that we will need to sit down with our teen sons and tell them that their friends can come to us if they have nowhere else to turn. We keep narcan on hand. We keep condoms on hand. Now we get to add something else to that list that we should never have to do.


We all have rights…some have more than others…


As a reminder, please don’t respond to other replies here directly or indirectly. It’s obviously a very difficult time for many people right now. If this thread helps you process the news, that’s wonderful. But sometimes spending time online seeing other people respond can amplify negative feelings that aren’t helpful for us individually. Consider taking some time offline.

This morning I was on the weekly call I have with my family. Today we talked about trees and birds in our backyards. Given I have little ability to change what’s going on in society, it was refreshing to hear the people I care about just having non-charged conversations.


Before this gets locked

I haven’t put this out on this forum but my kid has cancer. She’s 32.

Before she started treatment (for her cancer) she had to have her eggs retrieved. And once her cancer treatment is over, she’ll be able to have children. Through IVF. Because she has cancer.

Her fiancé is making sure that the egg retrieval and IVF is happening in a state where they will have those rights.

It’s very sad day not only for me but for those cancer patients who may not have the same rights that my kid will have by living in a state where their rights are protected.

I’ll get to have grand :baby: babies.

Now I’ll get offline. You see I need to pack to take care of my baby when she has surgery


Such a devastating week in our history.

I have never been so sad…or angry.

VOTE VOTE VOTE like your rights depend on it…


Its past time for this country to force fathers to step up.

If a teen mother has to drop out of school to care for new baby? Father should be FORCED to drop out also to get a job.

Fathers should also be forced to attend doctor appointments, parent teacher conferences, school activities, etc.

School age kid sick while parents are working? Fathers should be required to leave work and “deal”.

All non custodial fathers’ wages should be automatically garnished until kid is 21.

I realize there will be issues related to abusive men. Some custodial moms are abusive too. We can figure out exceptions for those cases.

Its WAY WAY past time to FORCE men who father a child into being a parent too.


Gutted. And giving much thought to where efforts to course correct and resources are best placed.


Nevermind voting, donations and activism! The quickest way to overturn this decision is for the 70% of women who are pro choice to become celibate. Immediately.

(Your partner pro choice already? Doesn’t matter. He’s part of the power demographic so hes out of luck too)

Seriously. Quickest repeal of SCOTUS decision ever.