Say it here cause you can't say it directly- the get it off your chest thread (NO REPLIES TO OTHER POSTS)

Usually people think I am younger than I am (60). Today a friend bought me a senior admission ticket thinking (or maybe not thinking) I was 65!


A friend from college, posted pictures today from her son’s wedding over the weekend.

Beautiful wedding with 9 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen! Church wedding, very pretty reception. Did not see one mask.

I know that vaccinations are taking place. But I have to say, that the pictures were pretty jarring!


Can I please have a do-over?

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“ I went from Phoenix, Arizona
All the way to Tacoma
Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A.
Northern California…”

Sounds about right. How can a package make it all the way to Tacoma from Atlanta (seriously, it was in Tacoma!) and then, instead of being delivered to my house a few miles away, go back all the way to who knows where… Chicago? Ugh, and it looks like it is going to travel from Utah to Oregon tomorrow… shaking my head!


I could never say this out loud, but I am jealous that you still have your mother. I am tired of you acting like your mom is the greatest ever, too, to be honest. I realize this makes me seem like a terrible person, which I am not. Glad I can unload my feelings here.


Some people are not happy unless they are upset about something.


Over heard a friend, who won’t get vaccinated, say that if his elderly parent was still alive that he would get vaccinated. Well, my elderly parent is still alive. Plenty of elderly parents are still alive - why won’t you get one for them??

Makes my heart heavy…


Wow, neighbor, I think you’ve gone around the bend. I will not respond to the nasty email you sent out to everyone on the road. I can tell you I don’t think people will think ill of ME when they read it, as you intended.

Two years ago I was here saying that it was exciting for you to have a monumental goal but I feared what would happen if you missed such a huge bet. I’m back here to day to say damn I’m glad it paid off, but you’re killing me here.


Somehow I thought it was a great idea to adopt another dog this week. I know long term it will be wonderful but the short term is going to really, really suck. Gearing up for some additional chaos.


Thank you to all the wonderful people at Vanderbilt University. That includes the faculty, staff and student body. This weekend’s 2020 Graduation Ceremony was a joyous occasion. It was so professionally run as anticipated. I met so many more nice people, young and old.

I could not believe over 1,100 of the 1,600 Bachelor degree 2020 graduates returned to Nashville for the 12 month belated ceremony. It was a reflection of how you took such great care of my eldest D and her fellow students over the years. She enrolled as an anxious, self-doubting girl and is graduating a confident, intelligent, still-caring, young woman.

Her 2021 Master’s Degree Graduation Ceremony is in two weeks and she’s so excited for that event as well. I look forward to the 2022 Graduation Ceremony next year for my second D. Thank you Vanderbilt!


Sometimes I hate this state. I can’t believe the legislation making its way through the process.


Smh. Sunshine state leadership continues to blow me away and not in favorable way.


For an adult, you sure can act like a two year old having a temper tantrum. I am sorry your tablet updated its software, and the screen is not the way you want it, but get over it, you can’t change it. So what if you now have to swipe up to close a screen; it really isn’t life altering. And no, I will not try to research how to change it back for you; call Amazon yourself and figure it out!

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Proof that there is a kind, loving, & forgiving Higher Power:

Sweatpants (the kind with the elastic waistband)


Please, please … if you are physically able to get vaccinated against Covid, do so. My 94 year old MIL is once again dealing with restrictions due to a Covid outbreak in her assisted living facility. She & the other residents did their part by getting vaccinated, but the fact that so many people in their area remain unvaccinated has a direct & negative impact on them.


A friend of mine begins divorce proceedings. Husband can’t deal with it. Kills their two young kids, then himself, and burns the house down.
Why? May he rot in ****. So instead of celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend, she will be planning a double funeral.

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So is supposed to let her sleep forever? Oh brother! PC is so stupid.

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Sorry, no. I am not going to plan my own Mother’s Day. Maybe you could run point this once? I love you, but not everything is mine to figure out.


Be careful when chopping branches off for you might be chopping the one on which you happen to be sitting.