Say it here cause you can't say it directly- the get it off your chest thread (NO REPLIES TO OTHER POSTS)

My chuckle if the day… we are headed to the zoo, so I typed in the name in Apple Maps. Two results popped up - the zoo and the local high school. Yep, I can see the confusion :joy:


You’ve built houses like this before, without an architect overseeing you, so I thought you could do it again. Did you use different subs? Did all of your current subs flunk elementary arithmetic? How many square feet have we lost?

The only two residential architects in our area are prima donnas. I wish I’d found an out of state architect who’d work remotely instead of using the draftsman you recommended. He couldn’t measure a straight line, either.

So the President of the United States went to his nephew’s wedding today.

To a former Real Housewife star that he met 3 weeks ago! The former reality star is confirmed, the 3 week courting period is not but is being reported.

You can’t make these things up!


Jamie Dimon, Chairman & CEO of JP Morgan Chase says: “Bitcoin is worthless” but concedes that investors want it.

I do not understand how bitcoin has any value.

But, at one time, tulips had an unusually high value. Maybe bitcoin is the current version of tulips during a few years in the 1630s.


Ugh. Just saw a piece on NBC Nightly News about the number of older people who have to work long past 65. They have no savings, and getting a steady job with benefits like PTO & holiday pay is really hard for folks in their 70’s. Then I looked at my phone & saw a headline about how Elon Musk is richer than Jeff Bezos & likes to lord it over him. I find it a jarring juxtaposition.


Why would you post a spoiler on your Facebook page?? Ugh, I’m really annoyed.

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Something positive for a change!

I was out running this morning and passed a family who had spotted some dolphins in the intracoastal. As I jogged by, one of the daughters (probably between four and four a half) who was being held by her mom called out, “Keep on going!” Made my entire day! Clearly good parenting. If only all of us could be such encouragers of one another!!


“ MRI is a type of X-ray.”

No, no, NO!!! For goodness sake, it is NOT! After seeing such BS on this allegedly reputable site, I will question everything written there. :angry:


Shout out for Costco customer service -
I purchased an outdoor mat from them. When they rang me up, they put it on the bottom of the cart.
I failed to put it in the car. I called them and they didn’t find it, so I drove back hoping I would find it under the cart.
No luck, but the lady I spoke with inside said to go ahead and get another.


My husband decided to work from home after being in the office for a few months.

Today he has a day long leadership conference. There must be a team’s conversation component. Because his phone is beeping (notifications) in the other room, literally every 20 seconds.

Shoot me, please!


So selfish!

So glad I bought enough popcorn….

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Yes, actually. I’d rather be in a red area of a blue state than a blue area of a red state. Deal with it.


I am so very tired of getting so many robo calls. I want to scream!! In 5 hours I have gotten 9 calls today!! I am going nuts.

Listen, all of you impotent slugs in our government, fix the robo call problem first.


I find it remarkable that a few people find that everyone they know has horrible issues while most people don’t know anyone who does.


You still have body image issues. If you didn’t, I doubt you would have included in your FB announcement the fact that your 7 pound baby weighed more than half of your pregnancy weight gain. I will continue to worry about you, even if my brother thinks all is well with you.

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You have a toddler in your class with severe food allergies, and the entire school has been trained and well aware of what she can and can’t eat, as well as what to do in the event of a reaction. So how is it that “it slipped your mind” (your own words) that she couldn’t eat the challah bread that is served every Friday for Shabbat, and you seemed to know about for the 2 months she has been in your class? Due to your negligence, GD has spent 5 hours in the ER today, and is now back again due to a rebound reaction.

It is hard enough watching a reaction due to accidental ingestion or cross contamination of a food she shouldn’t have, but for you to actively feed it to her is something my daughter is going to have a hard time forgiving you for.

This is too petty to complain about to anyone IRL so here goes.

We are supposed to be a committee. If you want to unilaterally pick yard of the month yourself, then do it, but don’t act like this was a committee decision. I think that yard looks ridiculous and would never have picked it. You did the same thing last month, but at least last month you let the committee know what you were doing.

You have to be kidding me!!! :angry: :rage:

Human beings slaughtered… What sort of “opposing view” is there to justify Holocaust?!


When The Diary of Anne Frank has to be accompanied by the young adult edition of Mein Kampf, something is seriously wrong with the world.

Texas—where dying is encouraged and idiots control everything