Say it here cause you can't say it directly- the get it off your chest thread (Part 1)

You had one job and you not only did not do it but you nearly caused an extra two hours of driving.
And later you chuckle at a story about rape because you are focusing on the persons job instead of the victims?
This week cannot end soon enough.

Sigh. Friday was my birthday. Neither kiddo so much as texted me. My dad thought it was next week. Now I’m sitting in the ER in the middle of the night because my dad fell. I’ve had better birthdays.

So when they are little you want to hire a sitter so you can have some time away and when they are teens you hope no one hires them as a sitter so you can spend some time with them.

I am ridiculously, stupidly, immaturely jealous as heck. Doggone it.

Please rain. Please rain!

LOL, honestly. I will never be forgiven for that.

Middle kid in Beirut sent me a WhatsApp text this morning - “Emergency. Please call.” OMG, not another one?? So I called and asked, “What happened?” Whereupon he and his girlfriend started singing “Happy Birthday” to me. I wasn’t sure whether to say thanks or yell at him! :wink:

When did it become social acceptable to not respond to an RSVP? Hosting a party and invited 12 families. Only 3 had the curtesy to respond :frowning:

I love my autistic son more than anything, but can I just say that I hate how autism limits him. I hear autism Moms say all the time “oh I would never change my child”, but if I could take my son’s autism away with a wave of a magic wand, I wouldn’t hesitate. I hate that my husband and I will likely never be true empty nesters, I hate that we will have to find some type of home for him before we die, I hate that nobody will love or care for him like I do, I hate that his siblings will take on the burden of overseeing his care once we are gone.

Oh wow!!! We have three babies in our woods! Barred owl fledglings, probably 6-7 weeks old. :slight_smile: So cute! But dang now I am worried about our bats.

How many of the same AP question can there be!?! Is it so hard to navigate this site to see if a question has already been asked, or are posters being obtuse?

Parking tickets? Really? That’s all you’ve got?

Channeling my inner Nancy Drew has been fun, but I’m really angry that D3 almost got taken in by a craigslist apartment scam. Fortunately, she was put off by the lack of information (unit number! landlord phone number!) among other things, but it would have been the perfect solution to her impending homelessness in 14 days. Hoping she has the emotional margin to report this to the authorities in the midst of having to move because of a toxic roommate.

I’m so glad that you’ve been calling me recently during your morning walk. To think you’ve been walking every morning for the two years you’ve had this job and it just occurred to you last week that it would be a convenient time to call. And you’re leaving this job in two weeks. lol

When the only thing keeping you somewhat connected is closed down by management. Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel.

Property management staff offers to install a window air conditioner for the season every year. I encouraged you as fervently as I respectfully could to have them do that for you. “No, I don’t want one. I won’t need it.” You’re on a fourth-floor end unit with huge gorgeous uninsulated late 1970’s era windows, and it’s forecast to hit close to 100 degrees this weekend. Now you tell me you don’t know how you’ll be able to bear it.

I’ll tell you how. I’ll drop off insulated cooler packs to run your fans over. And husband and I will open our only-recently-air-conditioned home to you. And I will lay the most manipulative psychological groundwork possible for you to please, in the name of all that is holy and most that isn’t, say yes to climate control next year.

I’m happy she’s pregnant. Truly I am. But why am I suspicious that when she went on National TV in April to tearfully talk about her difficulties becoming pregnant with her second child, she was actually already pregnant and “didn’t know it”? And all morning today, on national Tv, she’s talking about the journey that everyone went on with her. I want to believe her, but…

She and her show sure are getting a lot of publicity.

Please let her flight get out despite the tropical storm aiming straight towards her! It’s been so long and I just want her safely home!!

It just isn’t the same anymore. :frowning:

Use my whole, long, stupid job title, please. Dropping parts of it because you don’t want a prospective student to contact me instead of you just shows your immaturity and lack of professionalism. I am so over you and this stupid place, but I have committed to staying and training the next person … and I plan to DO MY JOB the whole time.